Aegon Seguros integrates the online signature in its Direct Channel and allows the insurance contracting in a few minutes

Image result for Aegon SegurosWhat is the integration of the online signature in the online purchasing process?

By means of the integration of the online signature, it allows the users through the internet, the signature of your insurance contract – Particular Conditions, made through Logalty, a trusted third party that guarantees in a neutral and independent way the legality and validity of the same.

By offering this new interface to the user, it provides speed, simplicity and the highest security guaranteed throughout the contracting process. Another great advantage of this service is that it is NOT necessary or electronic ID, or any digital certificate.

Advantages for users:

  • It is a fast and comfortable process, which will take less than 1 minute.
  • It is not necessary electronic DNI, nor digital certificate.
  • It is not necessary paper, nor to approach any office of Aegon to sign it.
  • Savings in Aegon processes and that has a direct impact on insurance prices.
  • The online signature guarantees that whoever signs the document is you.
  • Once the user finishes the process, he receives an email that includes the legal certificate of the online signature as a guarantee of the process carried out. In addition, the entire process is guaranteed by a notary deposit by Logalty.