Aegon Seguros integrates the online signature in its Direct Channel and allows the insurance contracting in a few minutes

Image result for Aegon SegurosWhat is the integration of the online signature in the online purchasing process?

By means of the integration of the online signature, it allows the users through the internet, the signature of your insurance contract – Particular Conditions, made through Logalty, a trusted third party that guarantees in a neutral and independent way the legality and validity of the same.

By offering this new interface to the user, it provides speed, simplicity and the highest security guaranteed throughout the contracting process. Another great advantage of this service is that it is NOT necessary or electronic ID, or any digital certificate.

Advantages for users:

  • It is a fast and comfortable process, which will take less than 1 minute.
  • It is not necessary electronic DNI, nor digital certificate.
  • It is not necessary paper, nor to approach any office of Aegon to sign it.
  • Savings in Aegon processes and that has a direct impact on insurance prices.
  • The online signature guarantees that whoever signs the document is you.
  • Once the user finishes the process, he receives an email that includes the legal certificate of the online signature as a guarantee of the process carried out. In addition, the entire process is guaranteed by a notary deposit by Logalty.

Tips for women looking to reach the top

Tips for women looking to reach the top


 We can all learn from women who have reached the top; These are some of the lessons that they share and that helped them to achieve great success.

Throughout the world, you find women who have managed to impact and influence the lives of other people, women who rose from nothing and reached the top. If you ask yourself, how can I achieve success in my life? Take note of the following tips and lessons that successful women share so you can apply them and make a change in your life.

1. Listen to yourself.

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“Many people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they do not get what they want “, Madonna, star and pop singer.

When you spend years listening to your parents, teachers and friends saying what you should do and what not, you can silence your own voice. Most of them tell you things to advise you with the best intention, but you must stop for a moment and ask yourself what are my real needs, what are my own dreams?

Allow your inner child to speak loudly and express her wants and needs. It is not always easy to say what you want without feeling selfish. It is okay to help and care for others, but never sacrifice for others. You are as important as all the people around you.

2. Be bold, dare.

2. Be bold, dare.


“If you do things right, make them better. Be bold, be the first, be different “, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

To be successful in life, do things that others do not do. Successful people are willing to make changes. When you have a good idea, openly talk about it to your coworkers, you can take the risk of making a fool of yourself, and although they may laugh at you first, then they may end up applauding you.

3. Be passionate.

3. Be passionate.


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you “, Oprah Winfrey, entrepreneur and public figure.

There is not a successful person who is not passionate about what he does. Why is passion so important? When you encounter some challenges in your life, when you need extra energy to overcome those obstacles on your way to success, your passion will help you take that extra step you need.

If you have not found your passion, do not expect it to appear alone, start looking at your hobbies, to do new things and when you find it, make your passion your profession.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.


“Every day, do something that scares you”, Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady of the United States of America, (1933-1945).

You feel satisfied only when you grow up, and the only place to grow is outside your comfort zone. Learn new things, like a different language, or improve your sales skills, even if they told you that you can not do it or think you can not do it. You will see that doing things you have never done will enrich your life and you will feel and be successful.

5. Be unstoppable

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“When one door closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us, “Helen Keller, writer and political activist.

Successful people are successful because they know that if they miss an opportunity, a better one is waiting for them. In your work, you may not get the promotion you wanted, but think that a better one is waiting for you. Maybe that’s a signal to pursue your own dreams, your own business.

Being successful means that you are unstoppable, bold, passionate and that you pursue your dreams, like these successful women we mentioned and who shared their advice for women.


59 PYMES from 16 countries have been selected in the last call of the Horizon2020 SME Instrument in phase two. Each project will receive up to 2.5 million to finance activities and develop business plans.

Image result for pymesOf the 962 proposals received in phase two the last call of June 17, 357 have received a score on the threshold, and 44 have been selected to receive funding.

Spanish SMEs have once again been the most successful, with 11 beneficiaries. They will receive 15 million euros, followed very closely by Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark.

Since the launch of this program, on January 1, 2014, 273 SMEs have been selected in phase 2 and have received a total of more than 387 million euros

10 aspects that can not be missing in your business plan

If you’re ready to take it seriously, you need a business plan that helps you materialize everything you have in mind. In this master plan, you will include both the general description of your business, as well as the resources, skills, and strategies that your future company will require to achieve its goals and achieve profitability.

In Finerio, in some way, we have already gone through a good part of that process. So, we want to share 10 basic points that you must include in your business plan so that you start your business with the right foot.

1. Executive Summary

Your executive summary is the most powerful weapon to sell and attract investors. You build this point from the rest of the points in this list, it is a summary of your entire plan, so you must leave it to the end, but it is the first thing you should present to other people when you talk about your business. Therefore, you must have it very clear. Your executive summary should include:

  • What is your business?
  • How your business operates (production and distribution processes).
  • How money is generated and profits are obtained, that is, your business model.
  • Long-term goals and short-term objectives.

2. Market needs

The key to founding your own company is to identify a problem or an unmet need, which truly thrills you. Once you have identified this problem or need, look for an innovative solution, around which you can build a business. Your solution may be completely new or it may simply be an improvement to an existing product or service. Your business must be unique and different from others to be competitive with the rest of the offers in the market.

3. Market size

Analyze how big is the market to which your solution is directed, how much is growing each year and at what pace, and what is the average profit margin. You must make projections in the future and make sure that there is a group of people, who need your solution, big enough to build a profitable business around it.

4. Analysis of the competition

Investigate the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors. This will help you identify and improve the unique advantages of your product or service. It is these unique advantages that you must have very well identified and strengthen your business around them. Do not try to improve your weaknesses, focus on your strengths.

5. Target market

Meet your target or target audience, to clearly focus your marketing strategies. You must know everything about them: their age range, occupation, attitudes, habits, socioeconomic status, geographic location, lifestyle; what excites them, what discourages them, their interests, everything. Speak one on one with your first clients. With this knowledge, you can define your image as a brand, the tone of your advertising and marketing, and even the characteristics of your product or service.

6. Promotional strategies

Define how you will reach your target market: distribution channels, points of sale, advertising campaigns, etc. You must create a complete strategy that contemplates the objective of your campaigns, the means that will be used to reach the majority of your clients, the frequency of the messages, etc.

All the components of your marketing and advertising strategy must work harmoniously and behave as one.

7. Organizational structure

Identify the positions of the company, do not forget to include external collaborators, and describe their functions and the value they bring.

Something we have learned in Finerio is that many investors give great importance to the team behind the venture, sometimes even more than the same product or service. Therefore, to form your team you must do it with great care.

8. Costs and pricing of your product or service

Make a budget in which you estimate everything necessary to develop your product or service and take it to your customers. Also, you must make a sales projection and know the profit margins. This will not be true to the letter, but you will identify savings opportunities in your costs and perhaps discover new sources of income, just as it happens in a personal budget.

The essential elements that you should consider are:

  • Direct costs (raw material and labor to produce the product or service)
  • Sale price
  • Margin of gain
  • Projections of units sold
  • Indirect or fixed costs (electricity, water, telephone, internet, rent, salaries of administrative employees, stationery, taxes, advertising or others that have nothing to do with the production process of the good or service)

9. Required capital and sources of financing

Once you have your budget, you will know how much money you need to start your business. Then, the next step is to determine if you have the necessary resources and are willing to risk them or you will turn to external sources of financing. If your case is the second one, you can take into account investments or loans, relatives, banks or financial institutions and contests.

10. Cash flow or expense plan

Record the cash inflows and outflows that your company will have monthly. With this control, you can establish the amount of money you need in a certain time. It is recommended to do it for the first two years of your business and to know when you will recover your investment.

In turn, estimate how much money you would allocate in case of unforeseen events. If you stumble and do not have a plan, your business may fail or even worse, put your own finances at risk.

Prepare a business plan is a challenge and we will not tell you that the rest will be a piece of cake, but it will facilitate the next stages of your venture. You will know exactly what elements are necessary to start your business and where you are going. In addition, it will be a crucial element to attract investors. So, good luck and hands on the job!

Friend loan, the ally to heal your finances

The first part of the year is over and in this season you surely acquired some debts that you already want to liquidate, because you would not like it to arrive the following year and you still have financial commitments without paying.

A good credit history is built on a commitment that is fulfilled on time and that works as a guarantee in case you look for other loans or credit in the future.

It seems that liquidating these debts can be a difficult challenge to overcome and therefore, a friend credit is usually the solution of many people to solve those financial slopes that can become an endless snowball.

The advantages of friend credit

Having a trusted institution that provides you with the best solutions to stabilize your personal and family finances should be considered as an important pillar in the learning of finance throughout the world.

It is not just about being a client of a banking institution and already:

It is about building a relationship of trust with a financial group that, more than lending you money and charging interest, seeks your financial wellbeing and is concerned about offering you a service according to your needs and possibilities.

There are a number of aspects that you must take into account to choose that friend credit that gives you stability, with whom you can build a relationship of mutual trust, where there is a possibility to reward your effort and punctuality of payments and where you find an ally always available.

That it’s secure

Choose a financial institution that has all the legal requirements and that not only promises you, that also complies and is not fraudulent: remember that your choice must be endorsed by the Bureau of Financial Institutions of the Condusef, to avoid the disappointment of third parties and Stay without money or without documents.

Do not be fooled!

Have loans of all kinds

Choose an option that has loan plans with different characteristics: this means that you are able to see each client as someone different, with unique needs and different lifestyles.

A financial institution with these characteristics will have plans for retirees, for professionals, for doctors, government employees and other sectors that do not always enjoy benefits in favor of their family economy.

That has facilities when processing

Choose an institution that has efficient administrative processes for you and all clients, that thinks about your time and that of others.

The evaluation of documentation for a loan or credit is one of the reasons why many people abandon the application process, as they do not solve them in the shortest possible time.

Going to a financial institution that changes the perception of your experience with other financial institutions, a response service, and quick attention will change your vision of bank loans.

Know your needs

A human financial institution knows what its customers require: their lifestyle and how they can contribute to making this easier, through requirements that do not complicate their daily life and that, on the contrary, help them achieve their goals and dreams in the shortest time possible.

That attends sectors not valued

It is not just about having loan plans for all people, but about offering special services for each person.

A quality financial institution gives opportunities to people of different profiles who have not found viable options to solve those emergencies or those plans that require extra money with which, at the moment, they do not count.

Part of this is to make an agreement, for example, with government entities so that obtaining a loan is easier and simpler for their workers, in such a way that it serves employees in sectors such as health, education, energy industry. and even retirees and pensioners.

Do not check the credit bureau

If your history has been a constant impediment to acquiring a loan in previous occasions, you must choose a financial institution that trusts you and does not consult the credit bureau to help you achieve your objectives without obstacles along the way

May I reward you

Choose that institution that rewards your effort to take care of your money, to maintain a good credit history and to increase future opportunities to access larger loans, with the confidence and seal of a full and innovative financial company.

That work based on values

The service of excellence, transparency with its customers, teamwork, an exercise in integrity and honesty with a social responsibility: these are all values that your friend Credit must have and that at Credifiel we have for our new and more loyal customers, whom we demonstrate day after day because we are the financial institution you can trust.

At Credifiel, we have a wide range of loans depending on your needs. You adjust the amount you want, as well as the terms of your payments. In addition, you do not need an endorsement and the best thing of all is that you can do your paperwork online.

Process your payday loan Purplepayday right now and reach your goals faster and your way.

As if that were not enough, we give you this incredible guide “Saving plan for the second half of the year”, which will teach you methods with which you can save and have that extra money that will be very useful at the end of 2018.