10 unique things you need to know about Porto, Portugal

Portugal is nestled in a small region of the huge European continent. Some travelers may not be familiar with Porto, so this article may be useful for those who want to know more about the city. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, located at the mouth of the huge Douro River. It has a lot to offer, including rugged mountains, historic neighborhoods and stunning architecture. To sum up, here are ten facts everyone should know about the charming city of Porto:

ten It’s economical

The majority of European cities are notorious for their high travel costs. Porto, on the other hand, is quite affordable, with a hotel around 20 euros and lunch only 5 euros. This is a real gem for budget travelers and backpackers. While there are still expensive things to do and see in the city, affordable tours can still offer spectacular views of Porto’s natural treasures. Tourists can get a cheaper stay in Porto by purchasing the Andante Ticket, a $7 day pass that includes free transportation by metro, bus, and train.

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9 There are many historical sites

UNESCO has designated the historic center of Porto as a World Heritage Site. Many beautiful churches with remarkable architecture can be seen in Porto. The center is home to different essential monuments of the city and is rich in Portuguese architecture, making it one of the most popular attractions. The Clérigos Tower Church, with a height of 75 meters and 240 spiral staircases, is the oldest structure in the city. Other cathedrals and must-sees include Se Cathedral, Carmelite Church, and Cedofeita Church.

8 It is the home of magnificent wines

The name “Porto” comes from a Portuguese word meaning “red” and refers to the intense red hue of the fortified wine. The Douro Valley is the most demarcated wine region in the world, known for its vineyards and natural beauty. Porto has a “Vintage”, which is a time when a single year’s harvest is used to produce unique and exquisite wines. In addition, every year, the declaration of the vintage is officially published, and each producer or shipper in the port is responsible for it.

7 Gastronomy is part of food culture

There are many vegetarian-only food stalls and restaurants in Porto, making it a paradise for vegetarians. Traditional bread delights, baked chestnuts, vegetable salad, Caldo Verde soup, sweet rice and even vegan chocolate cake are all easily accessible to everyone. Francesinha, a five-layer sandwich made with layers of sirloin, cured ham, chipolata-type sausage and linguica, is also a local variant of Croque Monsieur. It is then topped with melted cheese and beer sauce and served with fries and craft beer.

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6 The Lello And Irmao Bookstore

In 2013, the Lello bookstore was designated a monument of public interest and it is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. On the spectacular neo-Gothic facade of the store, you can see the two statues of Science and Art by José Bielman. The magnificent exterior, designed by Xavier Esteves, is matched only by the spectacular interior. As soon as visitors approach the building, they are greeted by a beautiful staircase, old wooden walls and a stained glass ceiling. The building was dedicated to a great social event for Portuguese and Brazilian society on January 13, 1906, with the participation of eminent personalities from both nations, including the famous Portuguese writer Guerra Junqueiro.

5 Impressive architectural structures

When it comes to architectural treasures, Portugal is second to none. The ancient architecture of the town will leave every visitor with a perplexed sense of a There are many historic structures in Portoures, some of which have been declared historic sites and others which have yet to be explored. The best alternative is to drive to Ribiero do Porto, which has some of the most amazing historical structures along the river and restaurants, shops and meanders through other modern interiors of historical monuments.

4 “The City of Bridges”

Port is home to many beautiful bridges, making it the only European destination to have six bridges that all cross the Douro River. The bridges showcase the impressive Portuguese architectural expertise. The bridges connect the cities of Sao Joao, Dom Luis I, Maria Pia, Freixo Bridge, Infante D. Herique and Arrabida. Besides the Luis I Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Maria Pia is also popular because Gustave Eiffel designed it himself and built it from 1876 to 1877. Moreover, these stunning structures contribute a lot to the port wine trade.

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3 Voted “Best destination in Europe”

Porto has been selected as one of the top three t European destinations over the past decades in the current decade. The Top European Destinations Agency releases this ranking every year, and Porto was included in the years 2012, 2014, and 2017. The city is truly one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, evidenced by this top ranking. plan. It’s not hard to see why, given the city’s architectural splendor, rich in culture and fiesta, commerce, gastronomy and natural wonders.

2 Travel friendly

Porto is not only a budget destination, but it is also travel-friendly as the people of the city are fluent in English as it is their second language. When the majority of locals are fluent in English, it is easier for tourists to converse with hotel staff, vendors, drivers, and other tourist helpers. Tourists should also be vigilant and take great care with their belongings, although violent crimes against tourists are rare.

1 The city does not need much time to explore

What’s even better about visiting Porto is that travelers won’t have to stay long to revel in the beauty of the city. Indeed, some of the most beautiful and well-known cities in the country are only an hour or two away. Tourists can also buy the Andante ticket, which costs $15 for three days and gives them unlimited access to railways, buses, metro and other public transport. Plus, the metros can take anyone to Porto’s beautiful Matosinhos Beach from Trindade Station in less than half an hour.

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