11 nostalgic general stores scattered across upstate New York

In the small communities where we grew up the general store, or the five-and-dime store, was the center of all the action. Everyone did their shopping there. They stocked everything mom and dad needed. And the kids loved them for the penny candy! Here are 11 stores we think you should put on your radar. The general stores and the five and ten cent stores still exist! Check out our list and enjoy a journey back to your youth.

11 Vintage Upstate general stores and Five and Dime stores

We all have memories of those great little five-penny stores and general stores from our youth. They were the heart of our communities. They sold pretty much everything, you could get a really good meal at most of them, and of course the highlight of the show was always the rows of penny candy. Upstate still has a lot of these stores around (some of them are 100, 150, 170 years old!). Here’s a list to start your journey back to the general stores of your youth. They are all great!

11 little Catskill mountain towns we love

Among the different regions of upstate New York, we all have our favorites. The Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Western New York, Adirondacks, Hudson Valley, etc. But let’s face it, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Catskills. Here is a list of some of our favorite little towns in the Catskills. While all the points on the map of this region are special, we love them for their history, beauty, entertainment, and places of interest.

35 Reasons Everyone Loves the Finger Lakes

There are several large “destination pockets” in the area we call Upstate New York. Whether it is the historic mansions along the Hudson Valley, the small ski towns of the Catskills, the majesty of the Adirondacks, the diverse history of central New York or the magnificent region shrouded in mist from Niagara to l ‘Where is. And then there are the Finger Lakes! These 11 “finger-shaped” lakes stretch (roughly) just west of Interstate 81 to the Genesee Valley in western New York. This area is one of the state’s major playgrounds.

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