2,000 years of history await you in Nijmegen

Although there are many attractions in the Netherlands, some places really captivate. More than two thousand years ago, in the Noviomagus, the Romans mastered their work. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 2005 thanks to the Romans. The Nijmegen region has it all, including a prime location in a beautiful meandering river system, rich valley soil where fruit trees thrive and vine branches seek the sky. Roman customs are still very much alive in the Nijmegen area today with Roman archaeological relics.


Nijmegen is a remarkable gem on the Dutch border, steeped in ancient history and full of fantastic museums, stunning buildings and beautiful natural surroundings. If customers want to know more about the story, they have to go there. Let’s explore what historical attractions Nijmegen has to offer tourists when they visit this province of the Netherlands.

Let’s explore the city

Valkhof Museum

Valkhof Museum is located on the hill where Roman soldiers established a fortress and essentially established Nijmegen in the first century BC. The museum collects items related to the region’s history and has an extensive collection of Roman-era archaeological artefacts, including the nearly flawless Nijmegen Helmet, a decorated cavalry mask. The museum also houses the most exquisite Roman antiquities discovered in the Netherlands and a superb display of prehistoric and modern works of art. Pop art, modern expressionism, old paintings, prints and crafts are on display for tourists.

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From Bastei

The story of the river is told by De Bastei. Visitors can explore the museum and take a journey through history, the present and beyond. De Bastei Academy is a place where scholars of all ages can enjoy themselves while learning about the vegetation and fauna of the river landscape of the Gelderland district. It is located on the banks of the Waal river in the oldest city in the Netherlands. Visitors can discover how the city and its surroundings are connected by the river.


This majestic religious building, also called St. Stephen’s Great Church, is the oldest in Nijmegen and the Gelderland region. Although it recently underwent a restoration in 1959, the initial construction of the church really began in the 13th century and was completed much earlier.

With an elaborate bell tower, numerous religious reliefs just above the main doors and a large arch that opens to the street outside. The interior features a significant amount of intricate masonry on the floor, a high marble arch and towering stained glass windows to let in an impressive amount of sunlight at one end.

It is a wonderfully beautiful structure to appreciate as it serves as the town’s main parish church.


Located in the center of Nijmegen, the MuZIEum is an absolutely fantastic museum that offers something absolutely unique. Tourists in this educational exhibit are guided through mundane settings in total darkness to simulate how blind people perceive the outside world. Before beginning museum tours, participants receive instruction on how to use walking sticks for navigation and undergo 30 minutes to become vision independent. The muZIEum is the quintessential experiential museum on the sense of vision. It’s surprising, engaging and stimulating.

The main square

Nijmegen’s Grote Markt is located in the heart of the city, not far from the Waal River, continuing the legacy of European market spaces.

The Grote Markt is the perfect place to discover Nijmegen and soak up the local vibe as it is the focal point of the city.

The beautiful Stevenskerk, as well as a number of nearby cafes, restaurants and shops, are all found in this square. As well as providing a space to relax and observe daily life, the architecture exudes a historic vibe.

Lange Hezelstraat

Hezelstraat was one of the busiest shopping streets in Nijmegen and one of the oldest shopping avenues in the Netherlands.

The avenue is dotted with a variety of shops and restaurants and runs from the northern edge of Kronenburgerpark to the small square at the junction of Ganzenheuvel and Houtstraat.

The historic architectural design of the structures also contributes to the flavor of the street. One can find anything here from vintage clothing stores to record stores and liquor stores.

Lange Hezelstraat is indeed a real gem for a fun shopping cure in an enchanting environment.

Stratemakerstoren Fortification

In medieval times and later, several other European cities, such as Nijmegen, had strong city defense systems. An example of a fortress is the Stratemakerstoren museum, located north of the Waal river and south of Valkhofpark.

One of the main gates of Valkhof Castle was guarded by this tower. The fortress can still be seen today in its splendor, and it is a delightful sight as visitors stroll along Waalkade Boulevard.

Velorama National Bicycle Museum

An in-depth look at the bicycle’s past is provided by this remarkable museum, which offers somewhat unique historical value.

This is the ideal place if visitors are looking for an original and fun museum. A fantastic collection of bicycles are on display inside, including tricycles from the 1800s, odd quarter dime and even folding bicycles for use in WWII during Operation Market Garden.

Dutch society is heavily influenced by cycling, so this museum is well maintained and incredibly fun.

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Eating in Nijmegen

Wally Restaurant

Here you can taste the tastiest burgers with rolls from the restaurant’s bakery, cooked with top quality meat. Vegetarians can also have burgers with seaweed, Groningen Krombek beans, oyster mushrooms or pumpkin on the table, which are unique options. The restaurant also offers specialty beers, milkshakes, fresh lemonades, fries and salads, in addition to excellent burgers.

Flores Bistro

Bistro Flores’ menu offers exquisite cuisine, as well as excellent wines and a wonderful atmosphere. Although fish and meat are not the focus of this performance, Chef Degenkamp uses his culinary talent and finesse to bring out the umami tastes of the vegetables. However, he does not forget these ingredients. Utopia is the patio that overlooks the wine cellar.


Guests can enjoy Spanish cuisine at Nibbles Restaurant. Mediterranean-inspired appetizers, salads, tapas and carpaccio can be found on the innovative Nibbles menu. Several delicacies, including delicious fruitcakes, dame blanche and cheesecakes, are available for tasting and sharing by customers. Visitors should also visit this place to relax and order some good wine or an excellent cappuccino.

Nijmegen is a dynamic city with lots of activity, which makes it an ideal place to spend a few days. The oldest city in the Netherlands mixes a small-town atmosphere with a bustling urban core. A visit is absolutely worth it, so start planning a vacation in the Netherlands.

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