2019 Daou Soul of Lion

Sometimes you need a reason to splurge on a wine, and other times wine is the reason to splurge. This wine is the last.

Daou Soul of a Lion Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is a wine that, once tasted, is not forgotten. The 2019 Daou Soul of a Lion Cabernet Sauvignon will win you over with a rich, dark berry nose, silky smooth tannins, a pleasant, luxurious mouthfeel, and layered flavors of black bramble fruit, toasted cherry, toast and light almond notes. and black licorice.

The soul of a lion was created in tribute to the patriarch of the Daou family, Joseph Daou. According to his family, Joseph Daou demonstrated the strength and courage of the king of the jungle. He proudly instilled these traits in his sons. During his visit to DAOU Mountain, he listened to his son’s wine dream and gave them his blessing. Soul of a Lion is a testament to that moment, a tribute to the man and worthy of the father.

Depending on your wine budget, you can, at $170 a bottle, consider this a luxury wine or a gift wine, rather than an everyday wine. Again, once you’ve had it, you can very well change your wine budget. It’s definitely the kind of wine that helps explain how Johnny Depp and a few other celebrities might let their wine budgets get a little higher than expected. Then again, a dinner for two at a steakhouse can easily top $300.

Speaking of steak, while this wine would pair effortlessly with filet mignon as well as almost any high-end meat dish, one could always order a pizza and enjoy it with this wine instead. Eat cheap, drink exceptionally well.

Daou Vineyards was established to create world-class Bordeaux-style wines in the United States. It was founded by brothers Daniel and George Daou in 2007 in the Paso Robles region of California, an area known primarily for its exceptional Zinfandels.

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