607 in Outer Delhi arrested for drinking in public

A total of 607 people were arrested in the Outer District of Delhi in a campaign against people drinking in public places on Saturday and Sunday. Violators would be slapped under section 40a (consumption of alcohol in a public place) of the Delhi Excise Act, police said.

Police said the campaign was undertaken to send a clear message to offenders about the need to limit alcohol consumption in public places and reduce alcohol-related crime.

Officers said drinking in public often creates a nuisance and disrupts the peace of a neighborhood. “Offenders often argue with family members, neighbors and wives after consuming alcohol and tend to commit crimes while intoxicated. under the jurisdiction of the outer district,” they said.

The campaign yielded positive results as officers said there had been a drop in the number of PCR calls to the Outer District regarding domestic violence and drinking feuds over the weekend, the police said. police. Special instructions were also given to intensify patrols to limit the sale of illegal alcohol and consumption in public.

According to Sameer Sharma, DCP (Outer), “Strict guidelines have been adopted to curb the sale of illegal alcohol and the consumption of alcohol in public places. SHOs from all police stations in the Outer District of Delhi have been told to be more vigilant and increase staff patrols and take strict action against vendors and drunks in public places.

DCP Sharma said such a practice was adopted to create a sense of security for the general public, especially women.

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