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Own a residence aboard a megayacht The world opens up the entire planet to a lucky few – and in addition to enjoying the ultimate in luxury, its residents are on a continuous journey of education and adventure.

Many UHNWs identify as citizens of the world, but just over 150 families from 20 countries own a slice of The World, the only privately owned megayacht, which boasts 165 luxury homes. It’s a “private community at sea,” Tom Wolber, its new president and CEO, tells Spear’s. “It offers a unique lifestyle that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet.”

The world entering a port
The World will soon land in Gibraltar after completing an epic journey around much of South America.

What makes this set of floating residences otherworldly? “Our residents travel to the world’s most exotic destinations in absolute luxury from the comfort of their own home at sea,” says Wolber.

The World is a floating residential community that circles the globe every few years. Its apartments, which range from $2 million to $15 million plus annual ownership fees, are occupied, enjoyed and, essentially, run by a community of savvy travelers who craft a new itinerary every year.

The ship is currently on an adventure across five continents, which includes over 93 ports of call. Residents’ active lifestyle includes everything from sightings of polar bears in the far reaches of the northern hemisphere to swimming across the equator off the coast of Namibia with a pod of pilot whales nearby to experience the beauty ornate and rarely seen ecosystems of West Papua.

It’s a particularly exciting time for UHNWs with a connection to Europe, as The World will soon land in Gibraltar after completing an epic journey across much of South America.

For over 16 weeks, the ship’s voyages will encompass the best of Northern and Western Europe, from cities like Amsterdam to alternative destinations such as the Faroe Islands and Bantry Bay in Ireland. This will be followed by two more months in locations across the Mediterranean, from Sicily to Tunisia, Israel and Egypt.

Flat on the world
There are 165 luxury homes aboard The World

The residential adventurers of the world will cruise the Suez Canal at the end of the year, indulging in the sunny pleasures of Oman and Qatar before celebrating the New Year in style in Dubai. Wolber urges UHNWs to take advantage of this chance to take advantage of very limited opportunities for private tours and sailings during its European conjuncture.

Demand is strong, he confirms: “We continue to experience strong demand for resale opportunities to join our international community. He reminds readers that the reason for this is not only the wide range of exotic destinations. “Residents on board often invite family and friends to share unique, bespoke experiences,” he says.

“To meet this, The World offers first-class facilities and the highest levels of service, amenities and care provided by a team of experts.” This includes six luxury restaurants ‘with impeccable culinary mastery’, a variety of bar lounges featuring the world’s award-winning wine and sake program, exceptional golf facilities and what it claims is the only regulation tennis at sea, as well as the 7,000 square foot spa it calls “the sanctuary of the senses” with a wide range of products and services including Natura Bisse cosmetics and Luzern skincare products.

Guest speakers, artists and musicians are invited on board to discuss topics relevant to the countries and cities visited and meet the residents’ curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Expert speakers often cover a variety of topics, including arts and culture, history, finance, economics, global affairs and politics, food and wine, photography, health and wellness. being, science, space, etc.

But most important is the fact that residents also participate in crucial environmental efforts and scientific research. Residents consider themselves citizen scientists, participating in a number of projects including identifying rare plants and animals while enjoying the most remote locations.

It’s this seamless combination of conscientious travel, luxury and the highest level of service that sets The World apart from other luxury providers, says Wolber. “We consider a home on The World to be a life filled with global adventure at the height of luxury,” he says. Among its most striking features is the simple fact that as a resident, whenever you return from a day ashore, from one of its hikes, or even from a business trip, the greeting you will hear always when you come back on board is simply this: ‘Welcome home.’

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