A man was led off the flight in handcuffs after refusing to stop vaping on board, drinking his own alcohol and then vomiting all over the seats

A 23-year-old has pleaded guilty to criminal charges after refusing to quit vaping and consuming his own alcohol on board an EasyJet flight, which caused him to vomit all over the seats.

Man arrested after vaping and vomiting on board EasyJet flight

the incident happened on an EasyJet domestic flight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Inverness, Scotland (INV). Ben Munday, an employee of the Royal Air Force, started smoking on board with his e-cigarette and also started consuming alcohol he had brought on board. Smoking and the personal consumption of alcohol are illegal under UK law and airline policy.

The flight attendants implored him to stop, but he refused. Instead, he lay down in three seats and continued to smoke and drink. Again, the flight attendants advised him to stop, but he responded by taking long puffs on his e-cigarette and blowing them across the cabin.

Wisely, the crew simply left him alone and alerted the captain to what was happening. The captain radioed for the police to wait for the theft. Sometime before landing, Munday vomited all over the seats. Fortunately, his vomit seemed to miss a mother traveling with her two young children who were seated directly in front of Munday.

Police boarded the plane in Inverness and placed handcuffs on Munday as he resisted arrest. He continued to resist and was tied at the legs before being placed in a police van and taken to a local station for treatment.

In court earlier this week, Munday pleaded guilty to drunk and disorderly conduct. While Munday’s lawyer claimed the young man suffered from “very poor” mental health and was “self-soothing” with alcohol, she added:

“It’s nothing like he’s ever been involved before and he continues to express regret, remorse and shame as he acknowledges the impact it would have had on other passengers on the plane.

“He didn’t go out to cause trouble, but the alcohol basically got a hold of him.”

Giving him a slap on the wrist because it was his first offence, a magistrate imposed 140 hours of community service on him, but warned him:

“You have undoubtedly cost easyJet thousands, if not more.

“You have a job and you seem to be well regarded, I hope this will be the first and last time you appear in court.”


I hope EasyJet will come after this man for at least the cleanup costs for his vomit. We can make all sorts of excuses for Munday and I commend him for pleading guilty, but conduct like his will only be discouraged if he pays with his time and money. Hopefully Munday will now get the help he needs and not be a repeat offender.

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