ABC’s ‘Promised Land’ Pilot Was Filmed In A Completely Different State To The Rest Of The Series (Exclusive)

Although streaming giants like Netflix and HBO are ordering an entire series of shows, ABC still asked for a Promised land driver before ordering the whole season. Fortunately, on August 11, 2021, ABC gave the go-ahead for a series order. The Lantix family drama revolves around a vineyard in California’s Sonoma Valley; however, the pilot was filmed across the country. Find out where the Promised land the actors, including John Ortiz, Cecilia Suarez and Christina Ochoa, filmed the pilot for the ABC drama.

‘Promised Land’: Tonatiuh | ABC/Danny Delgado

Where was ABC’s Promised Land filmed?

Aside from the pilot, the remaining nine episodes of Promised land were filmed in California. Most of the scenes were shot 40 minutes from Los Angeles, in Santa Clarita and at the Agua Dulce winery.

“The series is filmed in Santa Clarita, just outside of LA,” an ABC rep responded to a Showbiz Cheat Sheet request on Jan. 24. “Parts of the series are filmed at the Agua Dulce winery.”

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Where was the pilot for “Promised Land” filmed?

Although most Promised land Season 1 was filmed in California, the cast flew to Atlanta, Georgia to film the pilot episode. In an exclusive interview with Tonatiuh (who plays Antonio Sandoval), Showbiz Cheat Sheet learned more about the pilot’s intimate setting.

“I think we all fell in love the moment we landed in Atlanta that first night,” Tonatiuh told Showbiz. “We all really clicked because of COVID. We just became each other’s social lives for an entire month.

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Not only did the actors have a great time together filming the pilot, they loved the location.

“We mostly filmed not too far from the Loews Hotel through downtown,” he continued. “So we had a few scenes downtown. We filmed exteriors in Dahlonega. And then we also filmed in a small town nearby.

According to Dahlonega city’s website, it’s in the “Heart of Georgia Wine Country,” so it’s obvious the growers chose it to be the location of the Heritage House Vineyard.

‘Promised Land’ Cast Member Tonatiuh Describes Pilot Filming Location

Promised land Cast members Tonatiuh and Katya Martín talked about how different filming the pilot in Atlanta was compared to returning to Los Angeles for the rest of the season.

“It was such a unique experience,” Tonatiuh said of filming in Atlanta. “It’s definitely not LA, but it was so beautiful. We were right in the middle of this city and this beautiful park right behind the hotel where we were staying, and we were queuing with each other there- down, just basking in the sun. And I think the energy around COVID was very different than LA or New York. People were a little less stressed. We were obviously very observant because we’re shooting on a big production and we were tested a lot, but it was like a summer camp because the hotel became our home.

Martín also felt the closeness resonate throughout the month of filming the Promised land pilot.

“For some reason they gave Andres Velez this huge, huge suite when we all had regular rooms,” she began. “We called [his room] the clubhouse, and we were all meeting there and hanging out racing lines and playing cards because it was the peak of COVID so we couldn’t hang out in the lobby so we were all meeting at the club -house. It was one of the best bonding moments for all of us.

Executive Michael Cuesta produced and directed the Promised land pilot episode in Atlanta, Georgia.

Promised land airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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