‘All Sorts’ premieres in Connecticut September 14 at Bantam

BANTAM — The film “All Sorts” from Los Angeles production company Vibrant Penguin will make its Connecticut premiere at the Bantam Cinema in Bantam at 7 p.m. on September 14. Tickets are available now.

“All Sorts” premiered in 2021 at the Seattle International Film Festival, where it was one of the festival’s most-watched films. Chase Hutchinson of The Stranger said it was “a sentimental, surreal comedy unlike anything I’ve seen at the festival”. In 2022, the film was named an Official Selection at the Los Angeles International Latin Film Festival and had its Hollywood premiere at the iconic TCL Chinese Theater in early June.

In addition to a North American festival, “All Sorts” had its international premiere at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in London, where it was also well received. Steve Harcourt of NerdSpan said, “What ‘All Sorts’ has in abundance is quirky wit and remarkable charm.”

“All Sorts” tells the story of Diego, played by Eli Vargas (“Chavez”; “You, Me and Dupree”; “Arrested Development”; and “Burning Bodhi”), a lonely data entry clerk who seeks desperate for a job, excitement, and even love.

When he’s hired by a strange new company, where paper clips come to life and employees disappear into filing cabinets, he meets an incredibly fast filing girl named June, played by Korean actress Greena Park (“The Comedown” and “Family from Tang”). Together, the two journey through a wildly unexpected office adventure that leads them to uncover the biggest office secret of them all: the back office world of filing championship records.

“All Sorts” is Rick Castañeda’s second feature film in his home state of Washington. In 2011, he employed a local cast and crew to film Cement Suitcase, an award-winning comedy about a wine salesman in Washington’s wine country. It was such a success that he enlisted many of the same cast and crew for “All Sorts”, and shot the film in 18 days before returning to Los Angeles for post-production.

“‘All Sorts’ is very much a community-made film,” Castañeda said. “The producer and artistic director stayed with my parents. Other family friends invited crew members to their homes. Our cinematographer David Carstens asked if he could just sleep in one of the offices where we filmed instead of his home, and then set up lots of shots before someone showed up each morning. And this is just one example among many others. Everyone really pulled together and made a lot of sacrifices to make this film the best it could be.

After a string of successful screenings in Washington State, Vibrant Penguin plans to expand the film’s theatrical release nationwide ahead of video-on-demand and Blu Ray releases later this year. Castañeda’s hope is to put a smile on the faces of viewers in these uncertain times.

“We want to do magic; that’s why we make movies, and that’s mostly why we made this movie,” he said. “It’s a very positive film about love, about friendship, about finding magic in a dark, drab place. We think it will put a smile on a lot of faces and really get people to think about their world… a different way.

Vibrant Penguin is a Los Angeles-based media production company that creates original content. J. Rick Castañeda is an award-winning writer/director of branded content and narrative films, and founder of production company Vibrant Penguin. He wrote and directed the feature film Cement Suitcase, a comedy-drama set in central Washington. All Sorts is his second feature film.

For tickets and information, go to www.bantamcinema.org/

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