Augmented reality tour on the Retro Invaders game

GEELONG, Australia, October 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Swigr – an augmented reality app for the alcoholic beverage industry, has just developed a Space Invaders-style game on its app, breathing new life into classic retro AR.

Having recently added AR gamification to their growing tech stack, Swigr’s ‘Invaders’, paying homage to an old school crowd favorite, is sure to stir your inner geek!

Invaders, is squarely aimed at boosting the engagement of the millennial male segment and with a pulling card like this, it’s easy to see how Swigr will captivate brands and consumers.

To see the demo video here.

Through the Swigr app, consumers scan a brand’s tag to activate the immersive experience and start playing, repelling aliens appearing on a brand’s can or bottle via on-screen touch controls of the user’s smartphone.

With the ability for users to display their initials in lights at the top of the scoreboard and compete internationally, it’s easy to see the virality and addictive nature of the games.

While end-user engagement is a priority for Swigr in market uptake and penetration, it is also brand aware, enabling game customization with customizable colors and icons, adding to the brand interface.

Leaders in the beverage industry are sparing no effort in their pursuit of new digital possibilities like Swigr, which deliver a unique customer and social experience, attracting new audiences and winning over new customers.

“Innovative and streamlined platforms that enable easier connection between brands and customers are a crucial part of the continued success of any brand, especially in the beverage industry given the disruptive influence of the pandemic. about how people socialize, ”said Dave chaffey, founder and head of strategic development at Swigr.

Swigr also has a direct angle with the consumer with “Buy Now” capabilities, allowing brands to capture instant sales of their bottles and cans. With a single click, users can purchase the product from the brand’s website or any other place where the product is sold online.

Confident in the market adoption of AR games and in the global desire of brands to strengthen engagement of dormant segments, Swigr is expected to release more games later this year.

To be among the first brands to deliver this next-level virtual experience for your brand and consumers, connect with Swigr here where you can learn more about the platform as well as parent company Immertia’s plans for global domination as it raises capital for a bold expansion in the United States.

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  • A team that works hard to create augmented reality experiences from the products and packaging line
  • A commercialized product of Third Aurora – a collaborative technology engine
  • Immertia provides industry-specific solutions, enabling content teams to manage and market augmented reality (XR) experiences for their own labels from the confines of their own computers.
  • Immertia’s platforms are robust, ready-to-use systems, backed by Immertia XR, a repeatable technology engine and an easy-to-use end-to-end solution perfectly suited to niche or industrial models.


  • Swigr is the new way beverage brands connect, using an exciting and entertaining augmented reality platform delivering a social experience built around inspiring and interactive experiences from standard packaging.


  • Quotes attributable to the founder of Immertia – Dave chaffey
    “The missing link between efficient augmented technologies and the alcoholic beverage industry is simplicity. With Swigr, old and new brands can explore a world of options and opportunities that are attractive, easy to use and guaranteed to get noticed. “

    “From the start, we focused on answering the question: How can augmented reality be a win-win solution for brands and consumers? At Immertia, we believe technology should be fair, in this sense that it has to be manageable on the marketing side, and the experience has to be fair, in that it keeps the consumer hooked. This is to us what top-level value looks like and we think the have created in Swigr. “

  • Quote attributable to the founder and marketing specialist of Immertia – Marie Breguet
    “Swigr embodies all that is exciting and innovative about how businesses can embrace new digital technologies. A streamlined yet high performing AR platform like Swigr will certainly increase brand awareness and sales in the alcohol industry. We look forward to unlocking its potential with you. “


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