Beer prices rise, but T sales continue to bubble | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Despite the recent rise in alcohol prices in Telangana, beer sales continue to soar. Beer sales dominate the market share at 64%, while other liquor brands reported a market share of 34.52%.
Excise Department figures available with TOI show 1.5 crore cases of beer jumped off state shelves in just three months – between April and June – this year, making it the most popular drink among the drinkers.
According to the data, 82.87 cases of alcohol were sold between April and June.
Alcohol lovers also have a fondness for Indian brands. An example would be the sales figures of only 48,313 cases of foreign liquor sold during this period with a paltry 1,412 cases of foreign beer. Market analysts attribute weak sales of foreign brands to their high prices.
According to industry sources, beer consumption has increased again after declining in recent years. “Rising prices have not deterred drinkers from picking up their bottles of beer. In the past three months, a total of 2.4 crore cases of liquor, beer, wine and ready-to-drink varieties sold like hotcakes,” an industry watcher said.
Despite favorable grape growing conditions, Telangana’s wine market continues to be small and wine making still seems to be making strides. Maharashtra has recently become a major state for wine production, with more than 35 wineries compared to Telangana wineries which are in single digits.

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