Best White Wine 2021: The Most Drinkable White Wines To Sip And Savor

From fresh and elegant Chablis to the ever popular and tangy Sauvignon Blanc, the best white wines are a summer staple. Whether you have picnics, parties, or laid back weekends in the garden, choosing the perfect drink can get things started on the right foot. But which white wine to choose?

The wine aisle can be a confusing place if you don’t know your Viognier from your Chardonnay, but we’ve taken the hard work of finding the perfect bottle by testing our way through a variety of wonderful whites. From everyday drinkers to special occasion bottles, we’ve found a white wine to appeal to all palates.

If you’re new to white wine, be sure to read our buying guide below, which has plenty of helpful tips. Otherwise, just scroll through our selection of the best white wines available right now.

Best white wine: In short

  • Best English white wine: Vallée de la Severn Madeleine Angevine & Huxelrebe | Buy now
  • Best cheap white wine: Morrisons Soave DOCG 2020 | Buy now
  • Best unusual white wine: M&S Moschofilero & Roditis | Buy now

How to choose the best white wine for you

How much should I spend?

As with most drinks, the sky is the limit. But we’ll steer clear of silly money wines this time around and focus on accessible, affordable, and downright delicious bottles to stock your wine rack.

Spend what you can afford and think about when you plan to drink wine: it makes sense to spend more on a party bottle and less on whites that could be watered down with soda or juice.

Usually spending between £ 8-20 on a bottle you’ve researched will be a good bet if tastings aren’t available. It’s not always that clear, however. A few of our top picks are above and below this price range.

Should I buy vintage or mixed / non-vintage?

The vintage of a wine refers to the year the grapes were harvested, which means that vintage wines are never made except from grapes harvested in a single year. The process of making vintages is more labor-intensive than non-vintage wines and means they are generally more expensive.

Vintage wines vary in character from year to year, as growing conditions (hot, humid, humid) have an impact on taste. When experts refer to a wine as a “good vintage”, it means that the climate and the soils were conducive to a good harvest and good winemaking.

Wines that don’t mention a specific vintage tend to have a more uniform taste, as winemakers are able to play with the grapes to create the desired effect. It might not be as exciting, but it does mean that you can usually count on a bottle of your favorite non-vintage wine to taste the same every time.

What else should I be looking for?

Working out what you love is great fun if you have endless time and money to do it. But if you don’t, there are a few things you should consider before you buy.

Summer calls for clear whites. If the bottle is clear enough, look for a pale, lemony wine that might also have a greenish youthful touch. If you can’t see inside the bottle, be sure to check the label as it will often give you an idea of ​​how the wine will look. Dry wines are also ideal for warmer days, as they are well suited to cooling and offer a refreshing hint of acidity – again, pay attention to what is mentioned on the label. In contrast, darker golden hues indicate a more powerful, aged wine, better suited to a roast dinner than a summer salad.

We’ve gone for a lot of light, fruity, and tangy whites on this list, which people tend to like. Usually slightly cooler climates produce these types of wines, so Europe is a good place to start looking for refreshing whites, although this is not a hard and fast rule. If you want something even closer to home, English white wines are also well suited to the summer season, with their citrus and freshness profiles.

Finally, think about where you will taste your wine. If you are on the go, canned or canned wine is an ideal option and should no longer be sniffed. There are some fantastic winemakers out there who pack their produce in a transportable and sustainable way.

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The best white wines to buy in 2021

1. Morrisons Soave DOCG 2020: Best economy white

Price: £ 4.25 | Buy now from Morrisons

If you have champagne tastes and lemonade cash, this Morrisons Soave DOCG 2020 could be the answer to your prayers at the end of the month. Despite its great price, this iconic Italian white won the silver medal at the prestigious International Wine Challenge, beating a bottle six times its price.

Exploding with succulent flavors of lemon, cream and hazelnut almond, this is a beautifully balanced and extremely drinkable white wine. This is one of the driest wines we have tried and offers a smooth finish, with a lingering lemon peel finish. The perfect mid-week or party wine that tastes a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Key details – ABV: 11%; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Morrisons

2. Altano Douro Branco 2019: Best alternative to Sauvignon Blanc

Price: £ 11 | Buy now from Tanners Wine

We love a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. So when you are looking for an identical but different wine, this white blend from Portugal’s famous Douro Valley is a refreshing alternative.

This wine has the same lime zest as Sauvignon Blanc, but offers a bit more minerality and interest than a standard bottle. It’s made from grapes grown at high altitudes, which benefit from hours of sunshine and a cool mountain breeze, giving it its juicy and bright finish. The grape varieties used include several lesser-known indigenous grape varieties, as well as aromatic Moscatel for an interesting finish.

Perfect table wine for any occasion, this fun summery bottle is bursting with exotic fruits. Best of all, it’s also grown responsibly and ecologically.

Key details – ABV: 12.5%; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Not indicated

Buy now from Tanners Wine

3. Severn Valley Madeleine Angevine and Huxelrebe: Best English white

Price: £ 11 | Buy now from Andwell Brewing

We know English wines quite well these days as the industry continues to grow stronger on the international wine scene. But award-winning sparkling wines from the South East tend to monopolize the show, which is why we were delighted to discover this lovely, tranquil white from a lesser-known English wine region, the Severn Valley, in rural South Staffordshire. . The sheltered south-facing slopes of the estate, the light sandy soil and the cool, wet conditions provide ideal growing conditions for high-quality, high-yielding grapes like the Madeleine Angevine and the Huxelrebe used to make this semi-white. dry.

Madeleine Angevine has well balanced natural acidity and sugars, with delicate florals and lots of green herbal flavors. And, when mixed with the spicier, greenish tones of Huxelrebe, this wine is a welcome change from the usual citrus-rich whites. Instead, you’ll get a touch of rhubarb crispness for that crisp, clean finish.

It is an interesting white that can be enjoyed on its own or with seafood.

Key details – ABV: 11%; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Not indicated

Buy now from Andwell Brewing

4. Tesco Finest Sancerre: Best French Classic White

Price: £ 14 | Buy now from Tesco

Some wines do not need to be presented and a good Sancerre is one of them. The Sancerre vineyards in the eastern Loire Valley are renowned for producing absolutely stellar wines. The soil is rich in flint, chalk, limestone and clay, giving the wines produced there a pronounced and sought-after minerality.

Sancerre wines are produced under rigorous conditions and aged in stainless steel barrels, which means the wines remain extremely clean and green with unlimited citrus and tropical fruit. This Tesco Sancerre Finest is a great expression of the region. The delicate straw color, the perfect crunchy dryness and the intense tropical fruits make it a total pleasure.

Key details – ABV: 13%; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Tesco

5. M&S Found Moschofilero & Roditis: Unusual best white

Price: From £ 8.50 | Buy now from Marks and Spencer

This year, the M&S wine team has made it their mission to bring to our attention little-known grape varieties and wine regions with its selection of “Found” wines. Every wine in the range we have tried has been revealing, but our favorite is this exciting Greek white from the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Forget the more famous Retsina or even Assyrtiko, this is the Greek wine we should all drink. Made from native Moschofilero and Roditic grapes, known for their bold aroma and citrus, this blend is superbly salty with the sea air, juicy with peach, and has a hint of local honey.

Everyone we shared this wine with was blown away and quickly bought a case. If you do the same, be sure to pair it with feta salads, tomato-rich seafood, and summery lamb dishes for maximum effect.

Key details – ABV: 12; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Not indicated

Buy now from Marks and Spencer

6. Hattingley Valley 2020 Still Chardonnay: Best Chardonnay (even for those who hate Chardonnay)

Price: £ 20 | Buy now from Hattingley Valley

Put aside any bad memories you might have from drinking heavily oaked Chardonnay and gaze at this elegant English version with fresh eyes. This is a 2020 vintage produced by the family-owned Hampshire Hattingley Valley vineyard, and is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Expect lots of bright, youthful orchard fruit flavors and a light yellow color, which can often be lost in poorer expressions of the grape.

This wine is still a provocative chardonnay, with that round, creamy signature on the palate and a honeyed side, but the cooler UK climate ensures the grapes don’t overripe, so they retain their precious notes of citrus. It’s fresh, long, and sophisticated – the perfect addition to any summer seafood dish.

Key details – ABV: 12.6%; Bottle size: 75cl; Vegan: Yes

Buy now at Hattingley Valley

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