Can minors drink in bars in the presence of parents?

Can Minnesota kids drink alcohol in bars while their parents are there?

Reading the title, you might be wondering why anyone would want their underage child drinking at a bar with them. I don’t have an answer to that question, but I do have the question of Minnesota and underage drinking with parents.

No. Not in bars and restaurants.

According to Minnesota Statute § 340A.503a minor is allowed to have and drink alcohol with the permission of his parents but ONLY if it is in the privacy of the parent’s or guardian’s home.

Seriously? But what if I was just there?

No. In Minnesota, it is only legal for minors to drink if done in the presence and inside the home of their parents or guardians.

But they can drink it in Wisconsin at home or at a bar, right?

Yes, 100%. Wisconsin law states that minors of all ages may drink alcohol in the home of their parent/guardian AND in bars and restaurants as well. There are a limit in Wisconsin, however. The Company may prohibit the consumption of alcohol by minors on its property. The parent cannot force the bar to serve a minor.

Minnesota Booze Bonus Fact –

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Oops, wrong type of server. (RIM BLOW)

A minor 18 years of age or older may enter any part of an approved business to perform work for the business as an employee, eat a meal, or attend a social event that is not in an area of ​​the business. company that sells alcohol. (MinnesotaStat. § 340A.503(4)

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