Canberra wines capture ‘hearts and vines’


This week, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr launched a new common branding for the Canberra wine district; “Hearts and Vines” was a collaboration between neighboring wineries to celebrate the survival of what Barr has dubbed “about two years of continuing crisis”.

The Of Hearts and Wines brand encompasses over 60 small regional businesses across the Canberra wine region and is intended to be the site of shared events and tourism campaigns for the next five years.

Mr Barr wished the wineries neighborhood good luck, praising their survival in the 2020 bushfires, the multiple waves of the global pandemic, as well as bracing for “some potential challenges on the horizon.”

“We are now in a reasonably good position to come out of these difficult times,” he said. “There are currently a lot of pent-up demands for a revival of domestic tourism – we are already seeing this. “

Also ACT’s Minister of Tourism and Special Events, Barr said the Canberra Wine District is strengthening the tourism industry hardware across the region.

Sarah Collingwood, of Four Winds Vineyard, spoke of relying on her neighbors for years of tears from frosts, hailstorms and heat waves, but “also through toast to trophies, successful vintages and helpful neighbors ”.

“My husband John and I have always said that if one of our tractors broke down during a harvest, there were any of the 20 neighbors we could call on to lend us theirs.

“The challenge has been how to capture this collaboration, this kindness and its authenticity, and tell the world about it. How to tell people about the fabulous wines, the colorful characters and this beautiful place, ”Ms. Collingwood said.

The community landed on a symbol incorporated into their common name, in which the “W” simply consists of a heart and the fruit of their labor merged into one.

David Faulks of Tallagandra Hill Winery was the rallying voice behind the development of the joint brand. “There is a limit to what we can achieve on our own in the wine industry. We’re small businesses, we don’t have a lot of wealth individually, ”Faulks said.

He hired local musician Marty K to co-write “Call of Hearts and Vines” as part of the new brand. The musician’s singing voice on Storms and Community Support will be released on Spotify within the next two weeks.

The Chief Minister described the song as “bold and absolutely genuine”.

Mr. Faulks concluded the launch with a call for Canberrans to “support all of our local producers, our wonderful wine, support the whole community”.

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