Casper grants liquor license to Studio City Mesa; moviegoers will be limited to two drinks max


CASPER, Wyo. – People 21 and over who go to see movies at Studio City Mesa Cinemas will soon have the option to purchase beer or wine if they also purchase a food item.

Casper City Council on Tuesday, Dec. 7 approved Movie Palace Inc.’s application for a new restaurant liquor license that will allow the company to serve alcohol at its Studio City Mesa theaters in the west. by Casper.

Movie Palaces co-owner Andy Houck told city council that moviegoers aged 21 and over will need to purchase a food item in addition to purchasing beer or wine. Customers will also be limited to a maximum of two drinks.

“Our plan is to serve prepackaged, single-serve alcoholic products,” Houck said. “No mixed drinks, no bartenders. It will be a beer and wine service. Our customers have to buy a food to be able to buy an alcoholic drink.

Employees serving alcohol will receive TIPS training. The theater will also use an age verification device when verifying IDs and this system will also notify employees if a customer has already reached the maximum of two drinks. He added that the high cost of beer and wine should be another deterrent for people drinking too much alcohol in theaters.

Council member Steve Cathey asked how much the drinks would cost. Houck said 12- to 16-ounce beers will be offered, as well as six-ounce wine servings. The price will average around $ 8 per drink.

Houck said Movie Palaces had been studying the idea of ​​offering beer and wine for several years, noting that it was something that was being done in other theaters across the country.

The board voted 7-0 in favor of licensing restaurant liquor to Movie Palaces, Inc. for use at Studio City Mesa. Council members Shawn Johnson and Amber Pollock were not in attendance.


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