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IIf you’re simply having a wet January, rather than a dry one – that is, you’re cutting back instead of cutting back – you may well be more attracted to low-alcohol beverages than non-alcoholic beverages, that I talked about last week.

When it comes to wine, at least, there’s plenty to talk about too. There are more than drinkable wines at 12% ABV or less – mostly white wines and sparkling wines, it must be said, although a number of producers are now making reds at 9%, including the lovely Sunny With a Chance de Fleurs pinot noir which I have recommended below. Unlike most low-alcohol reds, it’s not overly sweet either, the usual downside of lower alcohol being higher sugar, although this matters less with Riesling, where this is usually offset by lively acidity. A small glass of 8% Moselle Riesling, like the delicious Dr Loosen’s Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett 2019 (€16.99Rannoch Scott, Where £35 per magnum from Waitrose Cellar), for example, is just one unit. (Incidentally, you can determine the number of units in your drink by multiplying the ABV by the volume of the drink in milliliters, then dividing that by 1,000, or 8 x 125 ÷ 1,000 = 1.)

So-called “small” or “table” beers, on the other hand, have been around for a while, spearheaded by the likes of Kernel Brewery and the small beer Brew Co, but a growing number of others now also offer beers at less than 4%. And they also manage to pack a lot of flavor into the bottle or can, and are a particularly easy way to cut your intake. More surprising, at least for me, it turns out that there is also an equivalent in the world of cider – the small cider, or “cidrekin”, according to The History and Virtues of Cyder by RK French. In addition to the extraordinary Templar’s Choice in my picks below, I love Apple Pilton Apple (£6.95 a half bottle on their, which at 4.8% is slightly higher, and deliciously infused with quince.

You can, of course, also get low-strength spirits, although part of me wonders why you would, given that they can be more expensive than the full-strength version. Certainly, they make life easier and it is less tempting to play with a less strong mind. Maybe they’re more for budding mixologists than those of us who like our drinks neat, but I can’t help but think that having a single instead of a double of your bevvy usual might not be a better solution.

Five low-alcohol drinks to lower your units

Late Harvest Cider Templar’s Choice £7 for 750ml, £8.50, 3%. Made by a British couple in Normandy, this strong tasting semi-dry cider is an extraordinary drink, almost like a liquid tarte tatin.

Newtown Park Square

Newtown Park All Day Table Beer £3.50 for 440ml of two bellies, £3.65 Hops, Burns & Black, 3%. Yet another quirky Bristol brewery doing its thing. They also have a 3.9% lager called Yelling at Inanimate Objects. As you do.

Sunny with a chance

Sunny with a chance of flowers 2019 £10.75 (on sale) Cabins, £12.50 Aitken from Dundee, 9%. Who can resist a wine with such a name? Light, but with good pinot character.

The Doctor's Riesling

The Doctor’s Riesling 2019 £13.95 Frontier Fine Wines, £10.99 New Zealand wine house, 9%. Crispy, lime and demi-sec Riesling from Forrest, the kiwi pioneers of 9% wine. Perfect for Thai cuisine.

Classic cut

Cut Classic Premium Light Spirit Drink made from aged Caribbean rum £30, 20%. Decent, low-alcohol dark spirits are in short supply, so this is welcome, if a bit pricey.

]]> Eggnog – Flathead Beacon Wed, 12 Jan 2022 21:59:34 +0000

When we talk about eggnog, let’s get rid of the mass-produced drink that consumes shelf space during the holidays. Some, of course, including myself, may enjoy the drink, poured thick in a carton and too filled with spice and sweetness.

However, a well-made and handcrafted eggnog can be a rich, creamy, boozy (or virgin), and elegant drink that embodies all the warmth associated with vacations, family, friendship and coziness. Eggs may seem intimidating, but the process is relatively straightforward and well worth the extra effort. Eggs in cocktails – like a flip or fizz – can create an experience like few other ingredients can.

“You will get a richer texture, you will get a smoother, rounder drink. It’s less astringent and less tannic in nature, ”said Meagan Schmoll, Whitefish-based bartender and spirits educator. “The vegan alternative is chickpea brine, or aquafaba. “

The aquafaba is the liquid obtained either by draining a can of chickpeas, or by reserving the rest of the cooking liquid. About an ounce can be used to create the similar concept of an egg white.

The lineage of eggnog probably dates back to around 13th-century Britain, where posset – a mixture of milk and wine or beer – was used as a medicinal remedy. The alcohol would curdle the hot milk, creating a viscous mass at the top with the alcohol separated at the bottom. The rich, who had access to better ingredients, mixed a similar concoction of milk and finer alcohol, plus the addition of sugar and spices. Spoons were used to consume the sugary top crust while a straw was used to drink the alcohol below.

The drink became so popular that specific posset jars – some with clay straws (like a faucet) built into the cups themselves – were designed to consume it. William Shakespeare has mentioned the posset in several plays, as a medicine or as a means of dispensing poison.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, eggs became a more common addition as thicker versions of the drink became more popular across Europe. It was also around this time that the popularity of egg milk drinks arrived in the American colonies. With easier access to farm foods, sugars and spices – as well as whiskey and rum – the delicacy has become more accessible to everyone.

It was also around this time that we see the use of the term “eggnog”, although theories are mixed on the origin of the term. In America, the slang term for a drinkable dessert was “egg ‘n’ grog”, while it was also served in a wooden cup known as “noggin”.

The recipe for eggnog hasn’t changed much over the decades. Still, a wide variety of recipes can be found – from favorites of home or professional bartenders to those attributed to Presidents George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower – and experimentation is part of the fun.

To try it at home, choose a recipe that has flavors that you personally appreciate. The recipe included here is from Dale Degroff’s book, The Craft of the Cocktail, using Whistling Andy’s Spiced Rum, a limited-edition bottle released each year as the holidays approach.

An egg-based cocktail trick that Schmoll passes on: “Some people hate the smell of sulfur in egg white. If you are (creating) an egg white drink, be aware of the first scent you experience when the cocktail arrives at you. Some people put aromatic bitters on top… or a pinch of nutmeg. Then you get into the flavors and it’s really cool.

Where to find it: Find Meagan Schmoll on and the Whistling Andy Distillery tasting room at 8541 Montana Highway 35, Bigfork, or


6 eggs, separated
3/4 cup sugar
1 liter of milk
1 pint of cream
6 ounces of bourbon

6 ounces of spiced rum
1 whole nutmeg, for grating

Using a hand or stand mixer, beat the egg yolks until they turn light in color. Add ½ cup of sugar slowly while beating the eggs. Add the milk, cream and liqueur. Beat the egg whites until they become soft peaks, slowly adding the remaining sugar. Gently fold the whites into the mixture.

Pub talk

In a riot at West Point after the American Revolution, students defied Colonel Sylvanus Thayler’s orders and got drunk on eggnog over Christmas. Twenty students were court martialed after the incident.

Ways to shake an egg cocktail

The dry shake: Add all the ingredients to a shaker without ice and shake. It does not dilute or cool the drink.

The wet shake: Usually this follows the shake and involves shaking the ingredients with ice. This dilutes and cools the drink.

Reverse dry shake: First shake the drink with ice but without the egg. Strain the ice from the drink and shake again without ice.

Culinary trends to look for this year Mon, 10 Jan 2022 23:20:19 +0000 Well, it’s over. Two weeks ago now, 2021 has passed and with it a few food trends we might be happy to say goodbye. With any luck, feta and cream cheese will be back on the shelves now that TikTok Cheese and Tomato Pasta has reached its viral expiration date. And while pesto eggs might be the flavor of last year, the espresso martini revival seems here to stay.

Unlike last January, we are starting this new year with vaccines and boosters at our disposal, but the omicron variant will ensure that eating at home remains an unbroken trend. Other habits will take root: take-out meals and meal kits for participatory home cooking will continue, and local delivery services will appeal to third parties known for their abusive prices. Customer interest in food sources, local supply chains, foods containing CBD, and adaptogenic drinks designed to calm us down will remain, like most of us, high. But what else can we expect in the trend forecast for 2022? A few surprises, but many that make sense for the health of the industry as a whole.

Restaurants with limits

Impacted by staff shortages and high food costs, we will continue to see restaurants open for fewer days, with smaller, tighter menus and higher prices. There will be more stringent cancellation policies with some requiring a credit card, no-shows and last minute cancellations incurring a charge per person. On the service side, there will be more bundled tips for front and back staff, a more equitable lump sum hourly wage, and tip suggestions on the bill that start at 20 percent but show the tip calculation at 22 percent. one hundred and 25 percent or more. If you still expect the servers to work so you can eat out, now is the time to embrace that big-tip energy.

Culinary experiences

High-end gastronomy is back. We will see an increase in fixed price tasting menus and chef collaborations. Just as musicians collaborated on pandemic releases, we’ll see more collaborations across the top and bottom of the state with residences, guest conductors, and pre-sale tickets paid in full in advance through sites like Tock. Al fresco dining will also last, fueled by the increase in outdoor events, wood-fired cooking and asado barbecues.

All Comfort Food, all the time

We’ll see more comfort food from chefs cooking foods that reflect who they are, where they are and how they belong, from Nigerian fufu to Lebanese kibbeh. With previous national trends for Korean tacos and desi Indian pizzas already available in the upstate, we’ll see fusion menus from chefs less concerned with restrictive labels or strict authenticity. We will be treated to more culinary mashups like Itameshi, the Japanese version of Italian cuisine, or Mexican-Chinese cuisine with dim sum tamales and tacos with lettuce instead of tortillas.

Eat plant-based and environmentally friendly

The past year has brought a tidal wave in plant-based diets and the integration of vegan menus. In 2022, we can expect more, including the rise of “reducetarism” among those who do not swear against animal products but reduce the amount of meat, dairy and eggs they want. use. We will continue to see alternatives to mushroom-based meat, and with more and more people eating their vegetables in direct-to-consumer channels like CSAs and farmers’ markets, the pandemic growth of frozen vegetables will not happen. probably won’t stop. Plus, here’s a weird one: You know soy, rice, almond, and oat milk, but potato milk is touted as the next big thing.

Fermented and preserved foods

Another pandemic hobby has spurred the popularity of pickling, canning, drying and storing salt, and this is expected to continue with restaurants expanding pickle programs, exploring koji fermentation and using koji fermentation. fermented products like vinegar and kombucha in cooking and cocktails, some even drying out and finding use for these mighty potent kombucha mothers. Kefir and kefir drinks that are good for the gut will continue as part of the widespread interest in drinks that are good for the body.

Low ABV cocktails

While mocktails have found a respected place on cocktail lists for those who don’t drink, it is the widespread interest in low-alcohol cocktails that shows a major shift in the market. Consumers choose low-alcohol spritzes and amari-based cocktails to reduce their overall alcohol intake or alternate with more alcoholic drinks on a night out. Canned cocktails continue to reflect this interest and are taking over from the low calorie, ABV hard seltzer of 2020.

Dairy free ice cream

Sunflower seed butter and oat milk are two leading plant-based products on the ice cream or fro-yo scene, and along with Ben and Jerry’s, four non-dairy flavors, oat milk d oats in partnership with 16 Handfuls and Hudson’s own Creme Culture selling kefir and probiotic sorbets and ice cream with fermented and alcoholic flavors, we can expect more fresh treats in 2022.

Spice & Heat

Crispy Chilean Oil was the star of 2021, and who hasn’t watched “First We Feast: Hot Ones” episodes with celebrities working on increasingly painful hot wings? Well, spicy sauces like gochujang and hot pepper oil were just the tip of the condiment, and we can expect to see more spice on our plates this year.

Splurge on luxury

My New Years social media was filled with people throwing 1 and 2 year old leaven in a weirdly cathartic and symbolic end to their required self-sufficiency. But as many posts featured big spoonfuls of caviar stacked on potato chips, latkes, and fried chicken with a layer of sour cream. Between that and the unstoppable interest in pet-nat wine and authentic champagne, it seems that our taste for the luxury of life is returning.

Dinner with pandemic puppies

You cannot have missed the pandemic puppy epidemic that skyrocketed when isolation and the need for emotional contact and support were at an all time high. Today, these little patches of fur drag their owners to sidewalk parking lots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and more restaurants are ready to welcome well-behaved dogs outside and outside. inside, even if the health service says it is banned.

How To Find A Non-Alcoholic Drink That Always Hit The Right Thing | Wine Fri, 07 Jan 2022 14:00:00 +0000

I I am sometimes asked why I don’t give more negative reviews – that is, ones that warn readers about bottles that I think are unpleasant or bad value for money. My usual response is that there are too many good things around (and not a lot of space to write about), so I prefer to focus on drinks worth buying.

However, in the much smaller soft drink and low alcohol market, these rules don’t really apply. There is a lot of innovation and experimentation going on right now and, because a good number of new producers are jumping on the bandwagon, not all of them have made it.

Alcohol-free wine is an obvious example. If you like wine, they just aren’t going to cut it for you: I keep trying and continue to be disappointed. If you’re less picky than me, however, you might appreciate Oddbird Blanc de Blancs (£ 9.99, 0%), which is at least vaguely vinous, but to be honest I prefer to have a glass of kombucha or sparkling tea, like the Saicho I mentioned a year ago or the Real Royal Flush in the today’s choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of more than decent alcohol-free beers, my latest find being Butcombe’s, which should appeal to those who find beers described as craft a bit too full. It is reasonably priced, which is more than can be said for many new alcohol-free spirits and appetizers, some of which taste positively unpleasant in themselves. I know that’s not how you should drink them, but if you need to drown something with tonic and top it with citrus to make it vaguely palatable, you might as well save yourself a few pounds and not. drink that tonic. (I exempt my favorites Pentire’s Adrift and Sipsmith’s Freeglider from these restrictions, and I can recommend the interesting Fluère and Wilfred in today’s panel, although “Do you want a Wilfred?” Or “Do you fancy a Wilfred? ‘un Fluère?’ are not the kind of invitations that easily stumble on the tongue.)

I also find it pretty hard to swallow the ecospeak on some of the latest entrants to the market, including Ful “powered by climate active nutrients” (why would you want a drink that’s Haribo Blue, though?) And the ” specially selected honey from Bemuse beekeepers positive for the planet ”(I guess all beekeepers are positive for the planet, so they don’t have to look so hard, but maybe I’m mean: it’s at least drinkable , so hallelujah for that.)

Five decent drinks to have a dry January

Butcombe Goram IPA Zero £ 14.45 for 12 x 330ml bottles, 0.5%. Yet another great AF beer to add to your arsenal, made in a more classic style than many craft beers.

Bemuse Low Alcohol Sparkling Mead with Hops £ 3.30 for 330ml from, £ 19.90 for 6 cans, 0.5%. Pleasant, slightly sparkling honey drink. Hops are barely detectable by today’s standards, but make up for the sweetness well

Real Royal Flush of Sparkling Kombucha Without Alcohol £ 8 for 750ml of Sainsbury’s, £ 48 for 6 Like sparkling tea, a good substitute for champagne or other sparkling. Delicately fruity.

Bittersweet orange and rosemary aperitif from Wilfred £ 18 for 50cl The Alcohol-Free Co. If you don’t like cloves you probably won’t like this sweet and sour appetizer, but I have to say it’s up my street.

Smoked Agave Fluère Spirits Alcohol Free £ 20 Amazon, £ 24 Harvey Nichols. One for the budding mixologists among you. A really interesting AF ‘spirit’ with a smoky, mezcal-like character.

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Lyre’s Spirit Partners With Audience Precision To Market Alcohol-Free Drinks Wed, 05 Jan 2022 10:01:00 +0000

“Some of the work we did with AP [Audience Precision] was to understand what stage each market was at. So yes, there is a trend towards non-alcoholic drinks for health and wellness reasons, but there are also quite a few markets where, in fact, not drinking is just a way of life ” , did he declare.

“So in these markets, they are different drivers. People are always looking for a very high quality non-alcoholic drink. In Australia, for example, it might be a curiosity in the Middle East that is just drinking a really good premium non-alcoholic drink and enjoying some of the flavors that [consumers] cannot in fact normally drink for any reason.

Lyre’s, established in April 2019, takes its name from the lyrebird – known for its ability to mimic a wide range of sounds – as the company set out to mimic a full line of spirits with similar tastes but alcohol-free.

Founded by Mark Livings, who is Managing Director and now based in Amsterdam, and Carl Hartmann, Executive Director based in Queensland, Lyre’s now has a presence in over 60 markets including Australia, Germany, North America , Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

It generates about 25 percent of sales in Australia, 25 percent in Western Europe and 25 percent in the United States. But while the company was born in Australia, Lyre’s home port caught up in the soft drink category, Mr Gloster said.

“Two years ago there was probably a small hurdle, but the way Australians embraced non-alcoholic spirits and Lyre in particular was phenomenal,” he said.

“We have some of the best bars in Australia that all serve Lyre’s now because they understand that drinking is a trade, not alcohol. And just [because] you take the alcohol out, it doesn’t really take away the fun or the craft.

He said Australia was quickly adopting this category despite the country’s societal standards regarding alcohol and alcohol consumption.

Hayden Bray of Audience Precision said the research the agency worked on for Lyre helped him identify markets that are taking off.

“It allowed them to say ‘Wait, Russia looks pretty interesting’ when that hadn’t been taken into account before, as an example,” he said.

He said the research has enabled the agency and Lyre’s to understand the different segments of each market around the world and focus parts of the strategy to speak to those potential clients.

“It’s about giving Lyre traction – real traction, not just ‘we have an ad, isn’t that great’, but every moment people see the brand leading them to the Lyre team. “said Mr. Bray.

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High blood pressure: excessive alcohol consumption may put you at a higher risk Mon, 03 Jan 2022 10:00:00 +0000

According to the British Heart Foundation, up to five million adults in the UK have undiagnosed high blood pressure and therefore will not know they are at risk. The NHS says: ‘Making healthy lifestyle changes can sometimes help lower your risk of high blood pressure and lower your blood pressure if it’s already high. “

Recent high alcohol consumption can dramatically increase systolic and diastolic blood pressure in both men and women.

The Mayo Clinic states that drinking too much alcohol can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels, and “having more than three drinks in one sitting temporarily increases your blood pressure, but repeated binge drinking can lead to increases in your blood pressure. long term”.

“Binge drinking is defined as four or more drinks in two hours for women and five or more drinks in two hours for men,” he notes.

The UK’s Chief Doctors Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines advise people to regularly drink no more than 14 units per week to reduce alcohol-related health risks, and say if you choose to drink, it is best to distribute your drinks throughout the week.

The NHS has also described other lifestyle changes that can help prevent and reduce high blood pressure.

He says you should reduce the amount of salt you eat and eat a generally healthy diet, lose weight if you are overweight, reduce your caffeine intake, and if you are a smoker you should quit.

Some people with high blood pressure may also need to take medication.

If you’re over 40, the NHS says you should get it checked every five years.

Blood pressure is defined as the force exerted on your blood vessels and organs when blood is pumped through your body by your heart.

Blood pressure is recorded with two digits. The systolic pressure, a higher number, is the force at which your heart pumps blood throughout your body.

Diastolic pressure, the lower number, is the resistance to blood flow in the blood vessels.

“Blood pressure readings between 120/80 mmHg and 140/90 mmHg could mean that you are at risk of developing high blood pressure if you don’t take steps to keep your blood pressure under control,” says the NHS.

Blood Pressure UK notes that people with high blood pressure should focus on aerobic activities “because it will help your heart and blood vessels the most”, but should avoid activities that place too much stress on your heart.

“For example, any very intensive exercise for short periods of time, such as sprinting or weight lifting. They raise your blood pressure very quickly and put too much pressure on your heart and blood vessels, ”he explains.

The organization suggests that walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, and gardening are all aerobic activities that are good choices.

If you have high blood pressure, the health care agency says it is safe to be able to be more active, “but as a safety measure it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or doctor. your nurse before starting any new physical activity. ”.

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25 celebrities who don’t drink alcohol Sat, 01 Jan 2022 14:16:05 +0000

All that comes to our mind when we imagine celebrities partying is a champagne soaked party where famous stars pass out in different corners with bottles of booze. Well, that is not the case with some stars. Take a look at 25 celebrities who never break a bottle and never let their bodies wobble:

Blake lively

Not a drop of alcohol passed down the throat of the Gossip Girl Star.

Danish cook

The father of comedian Dane Cook had serious alcohol problems due to which he caused a lot of drama in his family. Dane is a completely sober man

Eric clapton

Eric has been a sober man since 1987. He fought a long battle with heroin and alcohol addiction.

In an interview with CBS, he said, “I’m very serious about the absence of alcohol, drugs.” He thinks that “life is too good” to drink or take drugs.

Shania twain

Besides being non-alcoholic, Shania Twain is also a vegetarian.

Tyler the creator

After a brief period of experimenting with drugs and alcohol in his early teens, the rapper realized they weren’t for him.


Eminem is believed to have been clean and sober for over 13 years now. He had a long battle with drug addiction and even faced a major relapse.

Chris Martin

Shortly after his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin began to monitor his health and quit alcohol.

Kristin davis

Kristen’s battle with alcohol was so hard on her that she firmly believed that it would be difficult for her to live past the age of 30.

Rob lowe

American actor Rob Lowe will soon complete 32 years of sobriety. He owes all the credit to his family.

Jennifer lopez

It won’t be fair to call Jennifer a teetotaler, but she sincerely refrains from getting alcohol into her body because she thinks it’s bad for her skin.

Daniel radcliffe

Actor Daniel Radcliffe had serious problems with alcohol while filming the Harry Potter films. He’s now been sober since 2010 and claims it all happened with the help of his friends.

Bruce willis

The “Die Hard” star has gone from promoting Seagram’s wine coolers to the harms of alcohol and the benefits of sobriety.

Sarah silverman

Sarah Silverman abstains from all forms of alcohol because she says it gives her a big stomach ache

Kim kardashian

Khloé Kardashian spoke to ELLE in 2016, “Kimberly doesn’t drink alcohol at all … she just hasn’t been in it.”

John travolta

Travolta’s past trauma and struggles with drug addiction turned him into a sober man

Ben affleck

Ben went to rehab several times for his alcohol addiction. He has apparently quit drinking and is done for good now.

Tyra Banks

Tyra was 12 when she took the first sip of alcohol. In that sip, she decided she would never touch alcohol again.

Natalie Portman

Portman talked about drinking when she was in college but has since quit altogether. “I didn’t really go to high school parties”

Jada pinkett smith

Jada considers herself a “walking miracle” after successfully overcoming her alcohol addiction issues.

Bradley Cooper

The 45-year-old actor has been a sober man for over 15 years now. He told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview in 2012 that he quit drinking because he thought it would “ruin” his life.

David Beckham

His habits explain how ridiculously fit he is always.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey has been a sober dude since he was 19.

James franco

Franco says he hasn’t drunk alcohol since he was 29. He currently has new battles to wage which he likes to call his “addictive personality”.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. quit drinking in 2003 after battling drug addiction. Five years later, his life took a major turn as he landed the most lucrative role of his career as Tony Stark in the Avengers franchise.

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Keep going to pubs during dry January, UK hotel bosses urge | Hotel industry Thu, 30 Dec 2021 23:26:00 +0000

Hotel bosses have urged consumers not to desert their local pub during “dry January”, the month when many people refrain from drinking alcohol, as hard-hit places struggle to recovering from a nightmarish Christmas.

Revenue from crucial holiday weeks fell by up to 60% from the same period in 2019, making it the second year in a row that pubs, bars and restaurants have lost during the most lucrative time of the year .

The crisis means sites have failed to build up the cash reserves they need to survive the generally calm January and February, putting pressure on an industry already reeling from pandemic-related losses and the crisis. increase in rent debts.

Several hospitality industry figures told The Guardian that pubs would face even greater financial difficulties unless people continue to visit them in January, the annual month when some people choose to quit drinking.

Kate Nicholls, Managing Director of UK Hospitality Business Organization, said: “I think we could definitely do without it. [dry January]. “

She called on people who are trying to avoid alcohol to consider choosing something else at the bar or going out to eat.

“This year there are many more non-alcoholic options available that are of very good quality, so there is no excuse not to go out and support your local hotel business.”

Greg Mulholland, Director of Campaign for Pubs, said: “Pubs and publicans will need support throughout the month of January and we urge people to keep going to the pub.

“Pubs are more than just a drink, so we hope people recognize the important role pubs play in our communities and come out and support them, whatever they choose to eat and drink.”

He also highlighted the improvement in the availability of alcohol-free options in the UK pub network, the number of which has declined in recent years and currently stands at around 47,000.

Concerns over alcohol use increased during the pandemic, following a report from Public Health England which detailed an increase in alcohol-related deaths associated with successive lockdowns.

However, the report found that the biggest increase in alcohol sales came from people drinking at home during closures that forced hospitality places to close.

Paul Crossman, who runs three pubs in York, including The Swan, said it was always possible for people to order at the bar without compromising their health goals.

“It would be great if people gave up on a dry January, but a lot of us have some really good non-alcoholic options as well. It’s about supporting local hotel businesses so that they can get by, ”he said.

Pub group Fuller’s was forced to shut down several locations earlier this month due to slow trading, in part because its portfolio of more than 380 pubs and hostels is geared towards London, where cases of the variant Omicron Covid have skyrocketed and work- home guidance has left parts of the city deserted.

Fuller’s chief executive Simon Emeny said he hoped there would be “huge pent-up demand” after people sacrificed pre-Christmas evenings to make sure they could still see their families .

He pointed out that while the dry January targets, promoted by Alcohol Change UK, are laudable, opinions differ as to whether this is the right approach to tackle abuse.

“Medical evidence says drinking in moderation is more reasonable than abstaining for a whole month,” Emeny said.

“I think having been deprived of the opportunity to mingle and socialize, a lot of people will say they will make up for lost time and be more sociable in January.”

While many pubs fear a slowdown in January, in part because people are choosing not to drink, Peter Marks, who runs the UK’s largest bar and nightclub business, Rekom UK, said the young people were less likely to abstain.

“It will take them a few weekends for their wallet to recover from Christmas and New Years, but as long as the students come back in that third week of January, we don’t see any effect from the dry month of January,” a- he declared.

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]]> Fancy a dry January? Here’s what you need to know about abstaining from alcohol for a month Wed, 29 Dec 2021 10:06:15 +0000

Stopping drinking for a month after the excesses of the holiday season – otherwise known as dry January – has become a popular New Year’s resolution. And this year, although the stress of the pandemic and a new variant could make an even more tempting nightcap, experts say it’s always worth taking the time to reassess your drinking in the New Year.

“With the pandemic, what the research is telling us is that people are using more substances in general,” said Erin Goodhart, senior clinical director of women’s services at Caron Treatment Centers, a treatment program for the disease. addiction with multiple facilities in the Philadelphia area.

Although some people stop drinking completely after a month of abstinence, many use Dry January as a starting point to explore their drinking habits and change them if necessary. “One of the benefits of Dry January is using it as a way to look at some of your substance use or alcohol use, and develop new habits,” Goodhart said.

There isn’t much research on Dry January itself, but some studies show that stopping drinking for a month can have beneficial health effects, Patricia Powell, deputy director of the National Institute, wrote on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, in an e-mail. A 2016 study of over 800 adults in the UK who undertook a Dry January found that most participants drank less and got drunk less often afterwards, Powell said.

Many Dry January attendees try to abstain from alcohol altogether for a month, but any reduction in alcohol consumption can be beneficial, said Henry Kranzler, physician and director of the Center for Studies of Addiction at Perelman. School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Some participants may stop drinking during the week or just reduce their alcohol intake in general.

“I think the safest approach to drinking is to think of it like driving,” Kranzler said. “There is no level of safety that people drive. If you drive, you are at risk of having an accident, and potentially fatal. Corn How? ‘Or’ What how much you drive can significantly influence your risk, just as the amount of alcohol you drink can significantly influence your risk for alcohol-related harm.

The evidence strongly points to the idea that men or women should not drink more than a standard drink per day on average. (A standard drink is a 12-ounce bottle of beer, five-ounce wine, or one ounce of alcohol.)

Kranzler is not a teetotaler – “Alcohol is not good for you, on the whole, and I say that with some degree of discomfort, only because I really like good wine,” said he said, laughing. But he tries to limit himself to these guidelines.

Recovery or well-being is not the same for everyone, Goodhart said. “Even if participants don’t drink problematically or have no intention of maintaining long-term abstinence, there are still benefits to doing Dry January,” she said. “You can develop new hobbies, develop a support system, find other things that you enjoy doing with friends that are not around alcohol.” In Philadelphia, that might not even mean avoiding the bar – many restaurants here have developed increasingly sophisticated mocktails over the years.

“If your idea of ​​relaxing or taking care of yourself at the end of the night is with a glass of wine or a cocktail, think of things you can do to always feel rewarded: take a hot shower, read a book, keep a journal, ”says Goodhart.

The development of new coping mechanisms may be particularly needed as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year. Powell said research from 2020 suggests more people increased their alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

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Stress has particularly contributed to the increase in alcohol consumption, she said. “Being a woman, having kids at home, dealing with depression or anxiety, and losing income were associated with higher alcohol consumption,” she said. “Early data suggests more people have developed alcohol-related liver disease and needed transplants during the pandemic, and one study suggests hospitalizations related to alcohol withdrawal have also increased.”

People who are physically dependent on alcohol should be careful before suddenly stopping drinking, as alcohol withdrawal can be fatal in severe cases. Powell said heavy drinkers should see their doctor before starting Dry January and talk about the possibility of them going into withdrawal. And, she added, once the month is over, it’s important to try not to make up for lost alcohol consumption – in the UK study on Dry January, around 11% of participants said they drink more. six months later.

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For people who find it harder to quit smoking than expected, the NIAAA has an online navigation system to help connect patients to treatment for alcohol use disorders.

For anyone considering abstaining for the month, Goodhart said, letting friends and family know about your plans can make it easier to achieve your goal.

“The more connected you can be with a professional or a peer support system, the better. Just by opening the door for a friend, having someone you can check in with – we can really reduce the shame or the stigma by having one or two trustworthy people to turn to if you’re having a hard time, ”he said. she declared.

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Don’t drink at Disney? We’ve rounded up the best non-alcoholic drinks in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Mon, 27 Dec 2021 14:00:32 +0000

Whether you call them mocktails, mocktails, or soft drinks, you’ll find plenty of non-alcoholic drinks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland if you know where to look. (Photos: @ michaeldoesdisney / Yahoo Life)

No in the new year is Yahoo Life’s series about the power to say no, set limits, and put your own physical and mental health first.

Disney parks are known for fun, food, and selfies with Mickey Mouse, but with festivals in the park celebrating wine and themed cocktails on every restaurant menu, magical theme parks can also look like a field. mines for those who choose not to drink alcohol.

As an annual pass holder and journalist who spends quite a bit of time at Walt Disney World, not drinking at Disney was one of my biggest concerns when my husband and I recently took part in a fitness that involved not drinking alcohol for 75 days. Would Epcot be this fun if I couldn’t drink around the World Showcase? Would dining at my favorite Disney restaurants have the same feeling if the Cabernet wasn’t flowing?

To my surprise, I didn’t miss drinking at Disney as I thought I would. Maybe I was deeply rooted in my commitment to sober-curiosity, but the reality is that I was delighted to find a variety of non-alcoholic drinks all over the Disney property – from theme parks to resorts – that made me forget that alcohol was not an option. .

From Sweet Shirley Temples at the Hollywood Brown Derby to zero proof juniper cocktails at Citricos, I’ve learned that while alcohol has always been a part of my Disney experience, it doesn’t have to be.

So I turned to my friend, Michael, who is posting on Instagram as @michaeldoesdisney and prefers to keep her last name anonymous to keep her park and privacy separate. Michael has been sober for three years and often shares his love for Disney mocktails with its more than 100,000 subscribers.

“Over the past year or so, I’ve felt more comfortable talking about my sobriety on my page,” says Michael. “I love ordering mocktails at Disney because you can still have a really fun experience and it can still be a really fun drink without it being an alcoholic drink. [who don’t drink] they always feel like they have to order a Diet Coke when they go somewhere. “

In Disney parks, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

Stephanie Dold is Director of Beverages at Walt Disney World and tells Yahoo Life that the decision to offer more non-alcoholic drinks began a few years ago, as Disney parks began to focus on providing healthier options to park patrons.

“We’re seeing more demand just because in general everyone has a healthier lifestyle,” Dold explains, “and they’re more careful with what they’re taking into their bodies.”

Dold says that at Disney Parks, customers will find two categories of non-alcoholic drinks: non-alcoholic cocktails and zero proof cocktails.

“A mocktail is fun and invigorating and I think it captures the whimsical essence we want to give to a kid … or a kid at heart,” says Dold. “When I think of this zero-proof cocktail, it’s really for that guest who wants to have the same flavor profile without the alcohol in it.”

Click and scroll the window below to explore the body after 30 days without alcohol.

“Just because I decide not to drink tonight – sometimes I still want that experience,” Dold explains. “I have friends who have been through the path to motherhood and they’ll say, ‘Sometimes I just want this and I can’t drink alcohol, so I want to feel like I’m drinking a real drink. adult drink. ‘”

Michael says if his followers aren’t drinking because they’re pregnant, don’t care about alcohol, or consciously choose to lead sober lives, he’s sharing his favorite Disney mocktails because he wants them to feel less alone in their choice.

“I think it helps other people see something that is right and that can be normal,” he says. “It helps normalize sobriety and normalize people’s comfort with it… there is such a stigma in being sober.”

“I have this platform and a lot of people who go through a lot of the things that I have been through,” he adds, “and they should be extremely proud of the fact that they don’t drink. a public place, I also want to be able to drink fun drinks, even if they are not alcoholic. “

Yahoo life asked @michaeldoesdisney for its essential choices of non-alcoholic cocktails for a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

8. Florida Crush, Homecomin ‘by Chef Art Smith, Disney Springs

“It was a pristine version of Florida Crush with mashed strawberries and it was very delicious,” says Michael, explaining that for this Disney Springs mocktail, he simply ordered the restaurant bar menu and asked for the drink without vodka.

This fruity drink contains crushed oranges and strawberries, freshly squeezed oranges and agave syrup.

Return of Chef Art Smith, Disney springs

7. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sprite and tangerine make up this simple and sweet cocktail, available at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge.

“It was adorable,” says Michael. “And, he came up with a souvenir glow cube which was super fun.”

Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

6. Mint to Be, Lamplight Lounge, Disney California Adventure Park

“It contained mashed watermelon and berries with fresh mint,” says Michael. “It was really refreshing and not too sweet, which I liked.”

Get this blend of lime, watermelon and berry puree, fresh mint and sparkling water at Disneyland’s Lamplight Lounge.

Disney California Adventure Park

5. Skipper Sipper, Trader Sam’s at Disney World and Disneyland

Found both at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Disney World, Skipper Sipper features on both bars’ “alcohol-free” menus and features tropical juices, agave nectar, falernum, mint, fresh lime juice and sparkling water.

“It’s very pineapple and mint,” says Michael. “It’s a lot of fun, and my second favorite, if you try more than one thing on this menu, is the Schweitzer Falls, which tastes like grape juice with Sprite.”

Trader Sam’s Grog Cave, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar, Disneyland Hotel

4. Honey Hibiscus Iced Tea, Joy of Tea, Epcot

Find this slightly sweet tea with blueberry boba pearls in the Chinese pavilion of Epcot.

“It was a really fun drink,” said Michael, adding that the mocktail options are surprisingly limited around Epcot’s World Showcase. “People have asked me ‘Can you put a guide on how I can drink in the whole world with mocktails’ and the answer is no I can’t and it’s frustrating.”

The joy of tea, Epcot

3. Magic mirror, AbracadaBar, Disney’s BoardWalk

Although there are no non-alcoholic cocktails on the AbracadaBar menu, Michael offers this advice: “You can order any of their cocktails as a non-alcoholic drink.”

Michael’s favorite? Le Miroir Magique: sparkling water, mango syrup, Sprite and lime juice, no rum.

“What’s cool is that the mango syrup had this awesome chemical reaction when it hit the drink – because it’s a magic bar,” he says. “It changes color, so the drink was hot pink even though it was mango flavored.”

AbracadaBar, Disney’s BoardWalk

2. Zingiber Fizzie, Nomad lounge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

Not only is this puree of passion fruit, mint, lime juice, simple syrup and a ginger beer cocktail delicious, but the lounge where it is served is also considered one of Michael’s favorite places to rest. the feet and have a drink in a Disney park. .

“This is one of the best places to have an alcoholic cocktail,” adds Michael. “They have a really good non-alcoholic drink menu – like five or six drinks on the menu. If we’re talking about places to order a mocktail, the Nomad Lounge is number one in a park.”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

1. Sparkling No-Jito, Tambu Lounge, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

This well-topped mocktail is a blend of lime juice, pure cane sugar and mint, topped with sparkling water.

“My favorite, by far, was the Sparkling No-Jito,” says Michael. “It was delicious – basically a non-alcoholic mojito, but it wasn’t too sweet.”

“There are some really good toppings on it,” he adds. “I had it at Polynesian and they included a cute little orchid flower on top and were very willing to do it with the different flavors they had like mashed mango or raspberry.”

Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

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