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Wine brands have a role to play in decarbonizing the industry, says Rowan Dean, vice president of growth and marketing for Asia Pacific and Canada at Constellation Brands.

“Brands can be the tip of a spear pushing it through a business.”

And consumers “really, really care,” Rowan told attendees of the Tackling Climate Change webinar in June, noting research indicating that 35% of consumers think environmental packaging is important, and 48% of they changed brands to choose a more sustainable option. The survey showed that 70% of people are looking for eco-friendly claims, labels and choices, and 67% will make a sustainable choice, even if it is more expensive.

In late 2020, Constellation Brands New Zealand launched Round Theory, a wine designed to have a lighter footprint, from production and packaging to shipping and carbon offsets. The wine comes in a chunky bottle, with 30% less glass than standard, giving it a lighter carbon footprint during production and transport. And it carries a CarbonClick Climate Positive badge, indicating that wine removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it produces. “What we can’t reduce, we’re very happy to offset,” Rowan says of their work with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company, to measure the amount of carbon used at each stage of the life cycle. “We have that number and then we double it. And that’s what we choose to compensate for.

Carbon credits are purchased from projects in Australia and New Zealand, where the wines are sold, as well as some international projects, including a rainforest in Panama and a wind energy project in India, designed to move the local economy of carbon-based fuels. . Round Theory has a live tracker on its website that estimates the overall carbon offset, which at the time of the webinar was equivalent to 2 million glasses of wine, 2 million kg of carbon and 105,624 years of tree growth over the 24 last months.

“Brands can absolutely play a role,” Rowan concluded. “It’s the one we’ve built from the ground up to be the most enduring brand we can be.”

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