Cork City proposes a hiking fine for drinking alcohol in public at € 2,500


Cork City Council is proposing new bylaws to crack down on alcohol consumption in public places.

The proposed new regulations significantly increase the maximum penalty for offenses, broaden the definition of a public place, and give gardaí a new power to presume that any liquid in a container is alcohol.

Currently, alcohol consumption in public places in Cork is regulated by the Cork City Council (Prohibition of alcohol consumption on streets and in public places) Bye Laws 2001.

The statutes in force provide that any person found guilty of an offense relating to the consumption of alcohol in a public place may be subject to an immediate fine of € 75.

While this fine will remain the same under the proposed new statutes, the maximum penalty for summary conviction before the district court will be reduced from € 500 to € 2,500.

The maximum penalties in other cities are € 1,900 in Dublin, € 1,904.61 in Limerick, € 1,500 in Galway and € 1,270 in Waterford.

Another important change in the bylaws concerns the presumption of the type of liquid contained in a container.

The current law states that if a person is prosecuted, the presumption is that any liquid found in a container conforms to the description of the liquid outside the container.

The proposed regulations would change this to a presumption that any liquid in a container is used for the consumption of alcohol. It will be up to the defendant to prove that the container does not contain intoxicating alcohol.

The regulations also extend the definition of a public place to include the banks of rivers.

Cork City Council Bylaw 2021 (ban on the consumption of intoxicating alcohol on streets and in public places) is open for public consultation until November 15, 2021, a copy of which is available here or at the town hall.

The deadline for receipt of submissions / comments is Wednesday, November 22, 2021.


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