Door County gets its first mead

Mixed Media is now open! Produced and sharing a tasting room with Hatch Distilling Co. in Egg Harbor, they focus on local ingredients and the artful blending of our meads, ciders and wines. Mead is wine made from honey.

Considered the world’s first fermented drink, mead has long been a favorite in small circles, but its recognition and popularity has grown steadily in recent years. Mixed Media is proud to be the first Meadery in Door County. Their meads are locally sourced, fermented and bottled, and we craft them in a pleasantly fresh and aromatic style. By July, they will have three meads on our shelves; a Brut dry or sparkling mead, a slightly sweeter or sparkling mead, and a mead made with honey and apples (which is called a cyser) blended with Door County’s famous tart cherries.

Opening a Meadery within a distillery may seem like an odd move, but it’s surprisingly symbiotic. There are times during the distillation process when the tanks used for fermentation are left idle, so why not put them to good use? Additionally, Hatch Distilling Co. is unique in its use of honey to make vodka, gin and other spirits. They are often asked if that means they also make mead, and now they can say yes! This spirit of space sharing and sustainable production is also visible in their supply.

One of their inspirations for using honey in fermentations is its low environmental impact. While the bees are busy pollinating the vineyards, orchards and gardens, they produce enough honey per acre for about 1,400 bottles of mead. They also share Hatch’s philosophy of local and sustainable sourcing, and are winemakers and beekeepers themselves!

Aside from what they produce themselves, Mixed Media sources as much as possible from within Door County itself, and nothing from outside of Wisconsin, in order to provide visitors with a true expression of the place. They focus on producing fresh, aromatic and well-balanced meads, and will soon have ciders and wines as well. They are especially excited to begin our traditional method sparkling wine program after harvest in September. (i.e. look for Door County “Champagne” in the near future, yum!) They’re also working to get their meads and ciders into cans by the end of summer to make them easier to drink. enjoy while exploring all that Door County has to offer. Imagine sipping fizzy cherry mead on your beach picnic with a bowl of pick-your-own cherries from a local orchard, or quenching your thirst with a crisp cider while ogling in one of our gorgeous parks. Door County par excellence. (*kiss from the chef) If you haven’t planned a trip here this summer, the bottles will be hitting the stores soon!

The name Mixed Media comes from our belief in the art of mixing. They like to think of their winemaker as you would a chef; someone who carefully selects each ingredient and consciously blends them together to create a finished product that is more than the sum of its parts. A good blend allows them to take each individual ferment, highlight their favorite aspects, layer them to complement each other, and achieve the right balance of flavors and textures to produce a truly delicious and nuanced experience. While they’re thrilled that their traditional meads feature honey as a fermented drink, the mead also makes a great backbone for the mix. It offers a more neutral base whose structure and flavors the winemaker can influence by blending apples, grapes, hops and herbs in endless combinations. Their next releases will include a cherry mead, a hoppy mead, a rose-style grape and honey blend (called a pyment), a cider, and the first vintage of wine! In addition to enjoying their barrels of used spirits (mead aged in bourbon barrels).

About Mixed Media

Founded in 2022, Mixed Meadia is a subsidiary of Hatch Distilling Co. Hatch and Mixed Meadia are proponents of local agriculture and, in addition to being beekeepers and winemakers themselves, they work with local growers to produce and sustainably source the best ingredients they can. for their spirits, meads, ciders and wines. Mixed Media strives to help spread the interest and enjoyment of quality meads and locally grown wines and ciders. They believe in offering their customers a fun and accessible way to discover the region and the products while sharing with them the passion for craftsmanship.

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