Drinks Issue 2021 – Four non-alcoholic drinks that excite us: Choose your sips, a sparkling yerba mate and sugar cane water with faux bourbon and “mood-boosting” CBD cocktails – Food


Kentucky Mindless 74 (Courtesy of Spiritless)

Whether you’re a seasoned tea lover or just treating your liver to a sober October spa retreat, alcohol-free libations don’t have to be boring. Here are some of the new Austin-made alcohol-free products on the market.

Kentucky Mindless 74

sans esprit.com

This women-run company was founded in bourbon country, but moved its headquarters to Austin this summer. If you’re just sipping, the non-alcoholic distilled alcohol won’t make you think you’re drinking the real one, but it’s a surprisingly sugary substitute in bourbon cocktails, especially when it’s goose, as suggested. with a simple ginger syrup.

Clean Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate


Want to be caffeinated but hate the taste of coffee? This canned herbal tea has about twice as much caffeine as your average cup of coffee, along with bubbles and little to no calories. (The blackberry flavor rules.) The best yet? Fifty percent of the profits go to addiction recovery.



A recent winner of a $ 15,000 prize at HEB’s Quest for Texas Best, this cold-pressed sugarcane water drink is boosted by Ayurvedic super plants like ashwagandha, amla and turmeric. Regardless of the flavor, the herbal bottle has a pleasant heaviness in the hand, and – I’m not going to lie – it’s quite charming how co-founder Arpit Bhopalkar signs on the label as “former international table tennis athlete”. (If I were a former international table tennis athlete, I would brag about it too!)

Four non-alcoholic drinks that make us buzz

Crispy & Raw


This pandemic-born CBD cocktail company (née Sweet Crude) changed its name in the fall and expects its new battalion of zero-proof, ‘mood-boosting’ canned cocktails. hits Austin shelves by the end of the month. The Botanical Terpenes range includes ready-to-drink flavors Mellow Mule, Gold Fashioned and Paloma Daydream, while the Hemp & Botanical Terpenes range adds a fourth flavor, OG Tonic.


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