‘Drunk’ West Yorkshire MP forced boy to drink alcohol before groping him, court heard

A ‘drunk’ West Yorkshire MP forced a teenager to drink gin and tonic before groping him in a bunk bed, a court has heard.

The alleged victim said he called the Conservative press office to warn the party about what Imran Ahmad Khan, 48, had done, days before becoming MP for Wakefield, in the December 2019 general election.

Khan, who is gay and Muslim, denies the sexual assault, saying the then teenager ‘became extremely upset’ after a conversation about the schoolboy’s confused sexuality.

The plaintiff told Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday that he felt ‘scared, vulnerable, numb, shocked and surprised’ when he was attacked following a party in 2008 and was has since contemplated suicide.

He said he went to the police after Khan helped Prime Minister Boris Johnson win a large Commons majority by taking the Wakefield constituency in the so-called ‘red wall’ that had formed the heart of Labor in the Midlands and the North of England.

“I don’t think it’s fair that a person is in public office who did this,” the alleged victim said.

“He has access to the children. During the pandemic, he was sending videos to elementary schools, which terrified and terrified me.

“I contacted the police and told them he still had access to the children and it was a protection issue.”

Khan, then in his 30s, allegedly sexually assaulted the boy at a house after a beef Wellington dinner and party, where the deputy was drinking gin and tonic.

The complainant said he remembered “vividly” the blue bottle of Bombay Sapphire Khan had brought to the party, the smell of alcohol in the cut-glass goblet and the fizziness of the bubbles when he was asked. gave the cocktail.

“It was thrust upon me and turned my nose up a bit,” he said in one of three police video interviews shown at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday.

“When he was in my mouth he kept pushing it away and I could feel him in the edges of my mouth, the glass being in my mouth and being forced.

“I kept saying, ‘I don’t like it, I don’t like it’, and he kept forcing us to drink and I felt a little weird – something’s wrong here , he makes us drink.”

He said Khan, whom he believed to be “some kind of prince”, threw a ginger tabby cat the plaintiff was holding for comfort, dragged him upstairs and pushed him onto a bed.

Khan also allegedly watched the boy do pull-ups, asked him to watch porn and told him he was “beautiful” in a “love whisper” in his ear, described by the plaintiff as “disgusting and really viscous”.

The alleged victim said he pretended to sleep in the top bunk bed before Khan reached through the wooden bars to touch his feet.

“He was drunk because I could hear his heavy breathing,” he said.

The complainant said the ‘slow stroking’ continued as Khan ‘went around the bed’ and ‘pulled my leg up’, despite telling the MP to ‘stop’.

He described Khan as “a pretty little guy”, who was “quite big” with “quite protruding eyes” and “a pout with his lips” and spoke in a deep “classy” voice.

The alleged victim said it was ‘like a blister on the top of his head’ when Khan realized he could reach the bar, being ‘a hair’ away from her private parts. “It was like jumping, there was no more subtlety,” he said.

“I was scared, vulnerable, numb, shocked, surprised.

“I didn’t think it was real for much of it and it felt like it was going very, very fast and very, very slow at the same time.

“When he got to my groin and was about to touch my testicles, it was pure panic.”

The complainant said he “froze”, adding: “I panicked and jumped out of bed and ran as fast as I could.”

The court heard he was “distraught”, and the police were called to the house, but the boy didn’t want to go any further at the time.

But he added that the victim said he felt “a burst of emotion” when he found out Khan was running for MP.

The Labor supporter denied the allegation was politically motivated, adding: ‘I want this person to be held accountable for the wrong they have done, so it can’t happen to anyone else.’

The MP’s lawyer, Gudrun Young QC, suggested in cross-examination that the complainant gave three “contradictory” accounts, “almost as if you were describing three different sets of events”.

He replied, “I wouldn’t agree with you.”

Ms Young suggested Khan asked the boy what pornography he watched to find out where his “true sexual inclinations lay”, after the youngster told her he was confused about his sexuality.

“You had a conversation with an older man in which you were out of your depth, uncomfortable, and when he mentioned the porn you were watching, you became extremely upset and jumped up and walked out of the room running,” she said.

The plaintiff said, “No, that’s not what happened at all.”

The trial continues.

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