Eitan Biran, sole survivor of Italian cable car crash, faces custody battle

The prosecutor did not respond to requests for comment and Mr. Peleg could not be immediately reached for comment.

Mr Simbari, the aunt’s lawyer, said Eitan had been living in Italy since he was one year old and had both Italian and Israeli nationality. The boy’s mother tongue was Italian, he said, although he also spoke Hebrew.

“We are very concerned because this child has been torn from a familiar environment, so this is a second trauma after the one he experienced in May,” said Mr. Simbari.

Ms Biran, the aunt, told reporters on Sunday that Mr Peleg picked up Eitan on Saturday morning for an agreed visit to buy toys. After the boy did not return home, she said she started calling Mr. Peleg, who did not answer. On Saturday evening, she told reporters, she received a text from the grandfather which read: “Eitan has come home.”

This summer’s court ruling also ordered Peleg to surrender Eitan’s Israeli passport, which he failed to do. “I can assume that with the passport, the grandfather was able to escape border controls and bring the boy back to Israel,” Simbari said.

Lawyers for Mr Peleg – Eitan’s mother’s father, Tal Peleg – dismissed the kidnapping allegations, saying in a statement that the boy “has never been deprived of his personal liberty.” They argued that Mr Peleg did not violate a court order because he was never formally informed that the child could not leave the country.

“Eitan’s state of health worries the maternal family, who have always been kept in the dark by doctors and courts who have hampered the participation of the maternal family,” the lawyers said in a statement. “For these reasons, his grandfather decided to submit him to the necessary medical checks in Israel. “

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