Excessive alcohol consumption can put a person at risk of developing future alcohol dependence: experts


Repeated binge drinking can also be a warning sign of someone unable to moderate their drinking, said Dr Guo Song, senior consultant at the Institute’s National Addictions Management Service (NAMS). of Mental Health.

“Although there is no immediate risk of alcohol use disorder, episodes of binge eating may increase gradually until alcohol is consumed or required daily, and the individual thus develops an alcohol use disorder over a period of time, “he said.

He added that signs of alcohol use disorder include a strong and continuing compulsion to drink in order to “feel the buzz” as well as giving up or cutting back on important social, work or recreational activities.

Responding to questions from CNA, NAMS said it had not seen a significant increase in the number of cases of alcohol dependence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, he noted that home alcohol storage and ordering alcohol deliveries have become more common amid restaurant restrictions.

“The increased accessibility to alcohol in the home, the unusual pressures of the pandemic and the lack of social outlets may lead to a higher risk of developing an alcohol use disorder,” said Dr Guo .

“Habitual alcohol consumption can be a practical but unsuitable method of dealing with stressors, and a substitute for healthy social activities that include exercise and recreation,” he added.

Ultimately, experts say alcohol consumption should be done in moderation.

Dr Lee suggested limiting alcohol to two drinks per day for men and one per day for women.

“Young adults are no less susceptible to alcohol-related illnesses, as the health effects are largely dose-dependent,” he said, adding that increased consumption may increase the risk of alcohol-related illnesses. alcohol.


Singapore Alcoholics Anonymous: 8112 8089, or to help [at] singaporea.org

National Addiction Management Service: 6 RECOVER or 6732 6837 (8 am-11pm)

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