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Courtesy of Acqua di Parma; Dior

Patience is a virtue, especially during the holidays when many things (children, in-laws, reception logistics) no doubt annoy you. Why not make the most wonderful time of the year a little more wonderful with an extra-special luxury advent calendar? And this season, you have a bumper crop to choose from, whether you’re looking to please your beauty-obsessed sister, impress your whiskey-loving partner, or get yourself a little something for yourself. Not only do these unique advent calendars offer chic treats (think Swarovski embellishments, a velvety Charlotte Tilbury lipstick or an indulgent Charbonnel and Walker truffle), but they also come in super stylish packaging to display on your coat. vacation. Check out our 24 favorites this year below (grab these beauties fast before they sell out) and see if you can resist the temptation to open just one door a day!

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For the beauty obsessed

Liberty London

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2022


Woodford Reserve

Cocktail Advent Calendar 8 days


Get some vine

12 nights of wine



Advent calendar annual edition 2022


Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s Beauty Star Diamond Chest


sterling forever

Set of 24 Sterling Forever earrings


Liberty London

Liberty 2022 men’s advent calendar



Sugarfina Luxury Carousel Advent Calendar


Boissier House

Parisian Advent Calendar Food52 x Maison Boissier


The sea

The Twelve Days of Transformation Set of 12 Holiday Advent Calendars



Advent calendar 25 days of beauty



Voluspa Japonica Advent Calendar


Jo Malone

Advent calendar


Lady M Confectionery Co

Exclusive Snow Globe Advent Calendar


Meri Meri

Advent Calendar Charm Necklace



Chocolate and Truffle Advent Calendar



8 Days of Hanukkah Chocolate Tasting Box


tea palace

Parisian Tea Advent Calendar Palais des Thés


Parma water

Advent calendar


The duration

Celestial Advent Calendar


George & Vivi

George & Viv Grand Hotel Advent Calendar



Advent Calendar Christmas 2022 House



Christian Dior The trunk of dreams


Sydney Eva

Jewelery Advent Calendar in 14K Gold and Diamonds

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Genelec delivers immersive soundscapes to World of Wine Wed, 16 Nov 2022 11:09:14 +0000

More than 400 Genelec loudspeakers have been installed in Porto’s World of Wine (WOW) cultural district to provide an immersive soundscape for visitors.

WOW is home to a collection of museums, restaurants and bars that form an immersive journey through the region’s port production heritage.

Genelec’s local distributor, Garrett Audiovisuais, worked in tandem with Gema Digital, the company responsible for the storytelling, multimedia production, audiovisual installation and execution of most of the museum’s exhibits. Gema Digital specializes in developing pioneering immersive and interactive experiences, and at WOW sound is instrumental in creating an engaging experience, with soundscapes specially designed to immerse visitors in every part of the journey.

Gema Digital COO Francisco Cal Brandão says, “In each space completely different environments are presented, and it was necessary for the sound design to reflect this changing dynamic.

Raul Fernandes, Sales Manager at Garrett Audiovisuais, says: “When we were consulted by Gema Digital about this project, they made it clear that they needed a loudspeaker that would adapt to different types of parts and applications, but which would look inconspicuous. Genelec’s crystal-clear sound signature is ubiquitous in its models, but there are subtle differences in the choices for each room. This is why we have suggested a combination of architectural and 4000 series models, as they can be easily adjusted to the acoustics of the space, circumventing the difficulties usually present in older buildings or with materials that create too much reverb.

Nine loudspeaker models were used throughout the project, including all variants of the 4000 series. As it was essential that the loudspeakers blend perfectly into the environment, Genelec’s AIC25 ceiling-mounted models predominate , with 192 installed at the site. Amplification for each AIC25 is provided via a remote RAM2 amplifier module, which also allowed technicians to adjust the frequency response of the loudspeakers.

Some of the museum’s largest exhibits required creative thinking to ensure the speakers remained hidden without compromising sound quality. “In the Civil War section of Porto Region Across the Ages, we made the decision to hide the Genelec 5041A in-wall active subwoofer in the set design – in the fireplace,” explains Brandão. “Similarly, in the jungle of The Chocolate Story, we made the creative decision to position the speakers behind the wall of vegetation to give the impression that there are animals hiding along the entire wall, simulating the thriving wildlife of a real jungle and conveying a feeling of 360° immersion.

For sleep apnea, cut down on junk food and alcohol, research shows Tue, 15 Nov 2022 11:04:27 +0000


Every night, millions of people lose sleep due to obstructive sleep apnea, a chronic disorder that causes periodic disturbances in nocturnal breathing.

But a growing body of research suggests that improving your eating habits by cutting out ultra-processed foodsreduce alcohol consumption and increase your daily steps can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and potentially even eliminate it.

The findings are important because sleep apnea is one of the most common causes of poor sleep, affecting approximately 1 in 5 people worldwide. The condition occurs when the muscles at the back of your throat relax and block your airways while you sleep, making it difficult for you to breathe. These apneic episodes can last longer than 10 seconds and occur several times a night, resulting in frequent, abrupt gasping, snoring, and waking up as your body struggles to breathe.

Due to the high pressure it puts on your body, sleep apnea can raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of develop diabetes and heart disease.

Obesity is particularly strong risk factor because excess tissue in the mouth and throat can block your airways at night. But new research shows that lifestyle and diet changes can reduce sleep apnea, even if you don’t lose weight.

In a recent study published in JAMA Network Open, Spanish researchers recruited 89 overweight and obese men with moderate to severe sleep apnea and divided them into two groups. One underwent a simple diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention. Participants were advised to eat healthier whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, olive oil, seafood, poultry, eggs and herbs. They were also encouraged to avoid ultra-processed foods, processed meats, salty snacks and sugary drinks.

“It wasn’t a restrictive, low-calorie diet,” said Almudena Carneiro-Barrera, the study’s lead author and researcher at Loyola University of Andalusia in Spain. “We just taught them to eat healthy.”

Participants were encouraged to reduce their nighttime alcohol consumption and those who smoked were asked to quit. They were also advised to increase their daily step count by 15% per week.

The second group of participants, meanwhile, served as a control: they did not receive the lifestyle intervention.

Participants in both groups used a medical device called a CPAP machine, which delivers a gentle, steady stream of pressurized air through a tube and mask that users wear while sleeping. CPAP is the standard treatment for sleep apnea. It prevents apnea episodes, but it can be uncomfortable, and many people stop using it or have trouble keeping it on at night.

After just eight weeks, the group that adopted healthier habits experienced a 51% reduction in the number of apnea episodes they experienced during each hour of nighttime sleep. About 15% achieved complete remission of their sleep apnea and 45% no longer needed their CPAP devices.

On average, the healthy habits group lost about 16 pounds, or about 7% of their body weight. After six months, they had maintained their weight loss, and the number of participants whose sleep apnea was in remission had doubled. About 62% of them no longer needed their CPAP machines.

They also had significant reductions in blood pressure, which the researchers said reduced their risk of dying from stroke or heart disease by more than 30%.

By comparison, the control group lost an average of less than a pound of body weight and had little to no improvement in the severity of their sleep apnea.

“The results were much better than we expected,” Carneiro-Barrera said. She and her colleagues are currently recruiting 500 women with sleep apnea for a larger follow-up study.

Improvements without weight loss

Carneiro-Barrera noted that even people who didn’t lose much weight from the lifestyle program still saw a reduction in the severity of their sleep apnea.

There can be several reasons for this. Sleep Apnea was bound to chronically high levels of inflammation. But healthy eating and physical activity can reduce the amount of inflammatory substances circulating in your blood, said Susan Redline, chief medical officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School. who studied diet and its link to sleep apnea.

Studies show that different diets can work. In a recent study, a group of overweight men and women improved their sleep apnea and experienced less insomnia and daytime sleepiness by following a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, whole grains, plants and foods high in unsaturated fats. The study found that participants experienced improvements in their sleep apnea whether or not they lost weight.

A randomized trial published in July showed that a paleo diet high in lean meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, avocado and olive oil helped a group of overweight women lose weight and reduce the severity of their apnea sleep. The diet they followed limited dairy products, grains, and foods with added salt or sugar and refined fats like corn and soybean oil.

Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink at night can improve your sleep because alcohol reduces muscle tone in your throat, making your airways more likely to collapse while you sleep. A meta-analysis found that high levels of alcohol consumption increased the risk of sleep apnea by 25%.

Studies show that regular exercise can also relieve symptoms of sleep apnea because it prevents fluid from building up in your neck and constricting your airways at night.

So how do you know if you have sleep apnea? Some telltale signs are loud snoring, waking up suddenly at night, and waking up in the morning with a dry mouth, sore throat, or headache. If you have a bedmate, they may notice you panting or choking in your sleep. Fatigue, irritability and daytime sleepiness are also common signs.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, contact a doctor or sleep medicine specialist. They can schedule you for a sleep test which can be done at home or in a lab. “Unfortunately, untreated sleep apnea is very common in the population,” Redline said.

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]]> Skip the port – the perfect winter warmer that’s not just for Christmas Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:22:29 +0000

With the onset of winter – and the holiday season fast approaching – Time drink editor James Vigner says it’s time to pass the port. Here are six of his favorite fortified wines from the Douro region of northeast Portugal, baked in the sun…

All port is fortified to an alcoholic strength between 19 and 22% abv. The vast majority of ports, even the oldest ones, are complex blends of various grape varieties grown in various sites, although five main dark, small-berry, thick-skinned grape varieties dominate premium Port production and seem particularly well suited for face the torrid temperatures of the Douro. heat, penetrating sun and dryness.

From a value-for-money unfiltered Sandeman LBV (late bottled vintage) to a 40-year-old tawny sourced from Aldi, here’s a pre-Christmas tour of six exquisite and flavorful ports to whet your appetite and warm you up. this winter. Try these…

1) A Million Dollar Rich Unfiltered Late Vintage Port

Sandeman traditional late bottled vintage (LBV) 2016 (£15.99, but save 25% on 6+ bottles until 15/11/2022, Waitrose, Alc 20.5%)

LBV red and black ports are vintage (meaning single year) wines that have aged approximately four to six years in old oak barrels.

Unlike most other LBVs (and similar in this respect to the vintage port), this top-tier example is unfiltered, making it one for your busy decanter – you don’t want a muddy glass.

With bright/dark red forest fruits, cocoa, spice, and a bit of crowd-pleasing dark chocolate, you’ll get what you pay for with Sandeman’s superior, full-bodied, inky LBV. You can spend three times that price and not end up with a wine as complete and rewarding as this. A racy port from a classic year at a bargain price. It is tailor made for Stilton and Stichelton and also perfect for pepper steak, roast beef, game dishes and chocolate desserts.

2) A captivating “crusted” port, perfect for blue cheese

The Society’s Crusted NV Exhibition, bottled 2013 (£17.50, The Wine Society, Alc 20%)

Non-vintage “crusted” ports are blended wines (in this case fine young ports from the 2009, 2010 and, universally declared, 2011 vintages) that are aged in wood for up to two years before being bottled. bottled without fining or filtration. During this period they will throw up a deposit (the ‘crust’), so you will want to decant this. This port with aromas of dark fruits, spicy fruitcake and plum is a marvel with salty Colston Bassett Stilton and mature farmhouse cheddar.

Ready to drink now but will continue to develop in the bottle. Serve chilled, 12-16°C. Once opened, drink within five days.

3) A majestic port, supple, sweet and black fruits which is a delight

Croft Quinta da Roêda 2004 (£18.99-£21.99, Majestic mix 6 and Whiskey Exchange, Alc 20.5%)

This is a great value, early maturing version of a vintage port from the important beautiful wine farm (just north of Pinhão) responsible for Croft Ports. Drinking it feels like diving into a deep pool of plums, raspberries, licorice, raisins, dark chocolate, spices, rocks and blackberries. Serve around 15-16°C (i.e. not too hot) and decant, checking the presence of sediment in the last lees and consume within 48 hours. Nice drink!

4) A vibrant vintage port

Tesco Finest Vintage Port 2003 (£20, Tesco, Alc 20%)

For most producers, “vintage” port, a blend of the best wines from the best vineyards of a “declared” vintage, is their flagship wine, usually the most sought after and also the most expensive. It is only made in exceptional years (about three times per decade). This is a wonderful example of dark chocolate dried fruit and plums from the famous Symington family estate, the largest landowner in the Douro Valley. It was only aged two years in old barrels before extensive bottle aging and offers amazing complexity for the price. One for the carafe – but drink within two days of opening. Bring the Stilton and the Gorgonzola! Buy now for Christmas as Tesco stocks won’t last much longer I guess!

5) Captivating dated tawny port (‘Colheita’) from the oldest Port wine house

Kopke Colheita 1999 Tawny Port (£32.99, Waitrose, but save 25% on 6+ bottles until 15/11/2022, Alc 20%)

Costing less than bottle-aged vintage ports, colheitas are unique vintage tawnies aged in small casks for at least seven years with a wide range of colors from golden red to tawny, depending on their age. This 1999 offering from Kopke, the oldest port house (founded in 1638), is tart and sublime. Think nuts, caramel, berries, Christmas spices, mocha and mixed bark. Serve around 14-16°C. No need to decant.

6) Venerable port, aged by oxidation, premium tawny

Fletcher’s 40-year-old Port Tawny NV, Barão de Vilar (£39.99, Aldi, Alc 20%)

For value, it’s hard to look past Fletcher’s remarkable 40-year-old Tawny Port produced for Aldi by Barão de Vilar. Nutmeg, coffee, nuts, dried fruits, demerara sugar, orange peel, chocolate, caramel and aged honey all come together in this old tawny port. I could well imagine it at the end of a meal with salted almonds and crème brûlée – or perhaps just enjoying a sip naked, as an after-dinner experience in its own right. Well worth the price – most tawnies of this age are over £100 a bottle!

Veterans Day Celebration Honors Resident Veterans of Watercrest Buena Vista Senior Living Community in The Villages Sun, 13 Nov 2022 20:30:00 +0000

VERO BEACH, Florida., November 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At Watercrest Buena Vista Senior Living Community, Veterans Day events kicked off with an annual mouth-watering pancake breakfast. Behind the Hot Plate, Executive Director Jennifer Butler and his Watercrest Buena Vista team returned their famous flapjacks, celebrating their resident veterans for their military service.

Veterans of Watercrest Buena Vista Senior Living Community in The Villages are recognized with a patriotic ceremony honoring their service and sacrifice.

The Compassionate Care Hospice of Lake and Summer Counties with Hospice Liaison, Edward Torre led the Veterans Day Ceremony. Veterans received American Flag pins and Certificates of Honor with heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifice to their country. Residents wore their most patriotic attire while veterans proudly donned their service uniforms, adorned with medals and badges of honor.

“We are so grateful and blessed to celebrate our veterans here today and to witness their pride in having served our country,” said Andrea GarciaResident Lifestyle Director at Watercrest Buena Vista.

The community celebration of Veterans Day is one aspect of Watercrest CARES, a company-wide movement by Watercrest Senior Living Group encompassing their joint unity initiatives such as connectivity. Watercrest is committed to helping residents stay connected in meaningful ways and inspiring a sense of community at every location.

Watercrest Buena Vista is an independent assisted living and memory care community located in the Central Florida known as ‘The villages.’ Residents of Watercrest Buena Vista enjoy Southern-style balconies and outdoor gathering spaces, manicured lawns and pathways, resort-style pool and patios, and Watercrest’s focused health and fitness programs. Plus, Watercrest’s signature culinary offerings include flatbreads, charcuterie, house-brand wines, seasonal beers, coffees and desserts to be enjoyed in the expansive indoor and outdoor dining areas and Café Bistro. & Wine Bar relaxed but chic. The community offers exceptional amenities and exceptional care, all tailored to the residents’ individual preferences. Watercrest Buena Vista is located at 5867 E County Road at The villages. For more information, contact the community at 352-604-5119.

About Watercrest Senior Living Group
Watercrest Senior Living Group was founded to honor our mothers and fathers, aspiring to be a beacon of quality in the lives of seniors by exceeding standards of care, service and associate training. Watercrest Seniors Residences are recognized for their luxury aesthetics, exceptional amenities, world-class care and innovative memory care programs providing unparalleled service to seniors living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. dementia. Five times certified as a Great Place to Work, Watercrest Senior Living Group specializes in developing and managing the operations of assisted living and memory care communities and growing servant leaders. For more information, visit (PRNewsfoto/Watercrest Senior Living Group) (PRNewsfoto/Watercrest Senior Living Group)



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SOURCE Watercrest Senior Living Group

57% of Brits now think Brexit was a mistake Sun, 13 Nov 2022 09:05:27 +0000

According to the British Polling Council, there has been a marked change since the 2016 Brexit referendum, which has accelerated over the past year. Today, 57% of Britons think Brexit was a mistake.

Food production in the UK is slowing and some farms are shrinking. Many farmers say they are struggling to cope. Liz Webster is the chairman of Save British Food and says it’s a dire situation, ‘spinning out of control’, Euronews reported on Friday.

She represents a growing number of UK farmers who are now calling on the UK to re-enter the single market.

“Trade is tied up with so much red tape. It couldn’t be worse for us. There are two things, yes you are selfish, you are a business. But I also tend to look at it for the whole country and I’m really concerned about food security, food stocks and food supply.”

Webster goes on to say that the quick fix is ​​to free trade “by getting back to the single market as quickly as possible.” And it’s not just farmers who are changing their minds.

The wine industry is another that has been significantly affected. Many companies struggle to get wine across the Channel.

Where once it took a few days for a delivery, it can now take months. Many in this sector are frustrated that frontline politicians seem unwilling to debate possible reintegration into the single market.

While this trend in public opinion has reversed, the negative impact of Britain’s departure from the EU continues to be felt across many sectors.

Hollywood’s new favorite party drink – The Hollywood Reporter Sat, 12 Nov 2022 19:00:37 +0000

This upcoming holiday season, many glasses raised in Hollywood could be filled with spiritless spirits. Stars are entering the adult soft drink market with their own brands; sales increase significantly in the $395 million sector (up 20.6% between August 2021 and August 2022, according to market research firm NielsenIQ); and a growing list of celebrities are talking about booze-free, sober and sober lifestyles (Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Chrissy Teigen, Drew Barrymore and Kit Harington among them). Society’s focus on wellness, fueled by the pandemic, is also driving demand.

“We are at the beginning of a new era of social consumption”, trumpets Christopher Lackner, co-founder of Jeng, a maker of alcohol-free, CBD-infused canned cocktails (including a Jeng & Tonic and a Paloma). “Now that there are high-quality alternatives, it’s no longer difficult or embarrassing to be sober. In fact, it’s a real treat. » Producer Jennifer Klein (from the upcoming Everest) served the company’s Moscow Mule cocktails at its annual party in Brentwood last year.

Katy Perry in an ad for his canned beverage brand De Soi, co-founded with master distiller Morgan McLachlan; $25 for a four-pack,

Courtesy of DANA BOULOS

Far beyond OG beers like O’Doul’s and Clausthaler, new non-alcoholic offerings include premium spirits, wine, bitters, mixers and pre-mixed cocktails dressed in vibrant, designer packaging. Famous names that have entered the space include Bella Hadid, co-founder of Euphoric Kin, a line of drinks that blend adaptogens, herbs, nootropics (cognitive enhancers) and mild caffeine to calm or energize; and Katy Perry, co-creator of Wine-inspired Self sparkling drinks that mix juices, herbs and mushrooms. Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taraji P. Henson, Barbie Ferreira, Lori Harvey and Tommy Dorfman are all fans of Kin Euphorics, while CAA is an investor in De Soi.

Across Los Angeles, a number of soft drink stores (which look like hipster liquor stores at a glance) are popping up. gentle spirits debuted at Silver Lake a year ago, while The new bar opened this summer at 1821 Lincoln Blvd. to Venise. A Syrah wine de-alcoholized by the London company Nasty is a best-seller at the latter.

Soft Spirits at 3208½ Sunset Blvd.  at Silver Lake.

Soft Spirits at 3208½ Sunset Blvd. at Silver Lake.


Since debuting in 2021, New York-based soft drink retailer beverage, which offers more than 125 brands, has rolled out six locations in New York, one in San Francisco and three in Los Angeles — in Brentwood, Studio City and, most recently, Beverly Hills. The company will soon be unveiling its own non-alcoholic white wine Boisson Blanc ($16).

Among the brands sold at Boisson are those in downtown LA amass (counting Derek Jeter as an investor) making Rivertine a non-alcoholic option with a gin-like profile; and free spiritsa Marin County company that offers premium non-alcoholic alternatives to bourbon, gin and tequila infused with B vitamins. Emmy Award-winning composer Blake Neely (The stewardess) has free spirits on hand at her Cow on the Wall studios to sip during recording sessions, while producer Holly Wiersma (Billionaire Boys Club) recount THR that when she entertains, she sets up a “dedicated Free Spirits bar with craft cocktails because so many people aren’t drinking anymore”. Free Spirits will add non-alcoholic vermouth in 2023, followed by ready-to-drink cocktails.

The Spirit of Tequila from Free Spirits is an alternative to reposado;  $37,

Courtesy of Lupine Hammack / Courtesy of Brand

Other non-alcoholic brands worth noting include little saints, which layers CBD, botanical terpenes and reishi mushrooms in its Mimosa, Spicy Margarita and Ginger Mule mocktails; and based in Chicago Ritual Zero Proofco-founded by novelist and screenwriter Marcus Sakey (good people). The latter entered the market in 2019 as an “alcohol replacement”, now with gin, whiskey, tequila and rum options.

NA brand based in downtown LA Optimistic Botanicals, launching in 2021, with flavors that channel vodka (Bright), tequila (Smokey) and gin (Fresh) with a fourth Amaro drink landing later this month. Optimist Botanicals is the top-selling non-alcoholic spirit at upscale grocery-café Erewhon, according to the company, and is served at hotspots including Gold-Diggers, The Hollywood Roosevelt, The Britely and Proper Hotels.

DJ and wellness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman invests in Ghia, a Los Angeles-based non-alcoholic aperitif brand inspired by Mediterranean culture that makes citrus drinks and bitters like its Le Spritz from herbs, fruits and roots. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jenna Lyons and chef-restaurateur Daniel Boulud all sip Ghia, which debuted in June 2020.

Another recent libation launch came from Portland in the form of a brand of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails. For the bitter for the worse, whose concoctions include her bubbly aperitif Eva’s Spritz; Saskatoon, a replacement for pinot noir; and the Smoky No. 56 which is reminiscent of whisky.

For many customers, these drinks offer sophisticated libations that bring part of the culture of the cocktail world to life, all without the alcohol or side effects.

Shelley Elkovich, co-founder of For Bitter for Worse, says: “I can tell you that a top actress ordered 36 bottles of Eva’s Spritz while pregnant and another well-known name ordered our drinks in emergency with an overnight expedition to his penthouse in Greenwich Village. ”

mocktails by Little Saints;  $27 for a four-pack,

Little Saints mocktails, whose fans have included Brie Larson, Jason Bateman and Miranda Kerr; a non-alcoholic canned negroni is launched at the end of November; $27 for a four-pack,


A version of this story first appeared in the Nov. 9 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

Scottsdale’s unexpected wine scene Fri, 11 Nov 2022 20:35:00 +0000

When it comes to wine, Northern California is generally considered the mecca of wine country in the United States. That said, Arizona has quickly become a hub for wineries and growers looking to expand beyond California’s borders. While it might seem odd that such a dry desert landscape could produce a quality crop, the high temperatures and altitude actually allow grapes to thrive in much the same way they do in places like India. Argentina.

Scottsdale is specifically home to a wide array of tasting rooms. In fact, the Scottsdale Wine Trail takes travelers and locals on a fun journey around Old Town to seven different tasting rooms. Thanks to the exciting Wine Trail, Scottsdale is carving out a niche as an exciting new place for local wine lovers. All of the wines on the Wine Route are produced locally, giving visitors a real insight into Arizona’s growing wine industry.

Whether you’re looking for old-school tasting rooms that showcase local wines or a more elevated restaurant to sip world-class wine, here are some of our favorite places to enjoy the best of Scottsdale’s wine scene.

From production to sourcing, staying as local as possible is a top priority for Merkin Vineyards. Merkin’s Estate vineyards are located in Verde Valley and Willcox, Arizona, where the grapes thrive on over 100 acres of pristine land. If a light red is normally your choice, Merkin’s Garnacha is a solid choice. For something more complete, the 100% Sangiovese is a must. While Merkin Vineyards Old Town’s goal is to bring premium, locally produced wine to Scottsdale, the tasting room also serves delicious bites and seasonal dishes. Merkin remains consistent in its priorities and practices by growing the majority of its own fruits and vegetables in the Verde Valley. From pizza to pasta, the Merkin’s menu changes regularly, serving creative cuisine meant to pair with unique wines.

LDV Winery’s cozy patio is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine under the Arizona sun. If you’re looking to get a full taste of the brand, a $15 flight is the way to go. You have the choice between three different flights and different wines by the glass. LDV specializes in Rhone varietal wines and is in the heart of the old town, allowing you to walk to nearby restaurants or shops after your visit. The 100% Grenache is light and floral, but those who prefer something fuller will appreciate the various Syrah offerings. Started by a husband and wife duo, the LDV Vineyard is located in the Chiricahua Mountains and sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level.

The Wine Collective is a quaint and charming bottle shop with a modern appeal. Visitors have a choice of four different wine flights and can accompany them with a charcuterie board, a cheese board or a chocolate board. The Wine Collective offers over 40 different varieties of Arizona wines, and each bottle featured is hand-picked with care and consideration. In fact, The Wine Collective offers the largest selection of Arizona wines in all of Scottsdale. Although many of the region’s tasting rooms are in Old Town, The Wine Collective is located downtown.

One of the most interesting aspects of tasting in the Salvatore Vineyards tasting room is the fact that most of the wines available are made on site. This cellar has an elegant appeal that is enhanced by warm wooden floors and vintage chandeliers. Wines bottled under the Salvatore name are reserve wines that have been considered the best of the best. In fact, if you need a new collectible or special bottle, Salvatore’s Reserve Sangiovese is a great option.

Those looking to get off the trail and enjoy an artfully prepared meal paired with quality wine should check out Weft & Warp. While you won’t find as many local options on the list, this innovative Mediterranean-inspired restaurant has a rotating wine list that’s sure to impress any wine lover. Located in the beautiful Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows, West & Warp changes its wine list at least every two weeks, allowing guests to enjoy delicious bites with different perfectly paired wines each visit. Weft & Warp’s diverse and ever-changing selection features wines from around the world, ranging from France to California to Germany. From light reds to refreshing bubbles, the vibrant, seasonal dishes cater to a variety of preferences and palettes.

Investment in mountain vineyards pays off for southern France wine producer Thu, 10 Nov 2022 22:58:50 +0000

More than twenty years ago, Nicolas and Miren de Lorgeril sought vineyards at higher altitudes in the foothills of the mountains of southern France with no idea that climate change and global warming existed. At the time, they were going against the grain in their region of Languedoc because it was an area known for its cheap wines and the stigma persisted even when producers were making high quality wines, but at the time, we thought that if the winemakers made very ripe and concentrated wines with a lot of density then they would be taken seriously. But Miren and Nicolas were young and withdrew from other opportunities to help with Nicolas’ family vineyards because his mother was tired and the dream of his father, who had died 15 years earlier, had not fully come true.

Not only would Nicolas’ father’s dream eventually come true, but that dream would be taken to heights he could never have imagined.

House Lorgeril

The Lorgeril family has been the guardian of a precious Languedoc domain, Pennautier Castle, since 1620, their roots therefore go deep into this region of southern France. But like many other wine regions in Europe in the mid to late 1800s, the devastating phylloxera pest destroyed Languedoc vineyards, forcing its local economy to collapse. And despite their historic family estate which is a glorious monument to the region, known as the Versailles of the South, times were extremely hard for the inhabitants and the Lorgeril family. Thus, people could no longer plant vines on the hillside, as quantity was more important than quality as locals were just drinking during these desperate times to earn enough calories to work, and as a result, vines were relegated in the fertile lowlands. “My husband’s grandmother sold land on the hillside to afford to buy land on the plain to cultivate vines”, notes Miren de Lorgeril, because the mentality today is probably the opposite, the hillside being much more valued.

When Miren and her husband, Nicolas de Lorgeril, first married, he was pursuing another career outside of viticulture and she was working for another producer in the Rhone Valley – not so far from Languedoc, then Nicolas received word from her mother that she had reached an age where it was becoming too cumbersome to watch over their House Lorgeril family properties and that he was to take over. Miren immediately followed her husband to Languedoc and their priority was to produce fresh and elegant wines. Immediately, they went to each estate to warn the winemaker, to his disbelief, that freshness and elegance were preferred over intense concentration.

Miren and Nicolas have worked hard to make elegant wines from their vineyards that have been managed with sustainable practices while pursuing sales in other countries around the world instead of continuing the tradition of selling through from a local wine merchant, as the wine merchant was all about taking the easy route of selling the wines as bargains while completely ignoring the lovely sense of place their wines displayed. During this time, Nicolas pursued his other career helping to fund the significant changes needed to take his family’s wine business to the next level.

Reach greater heights

After many years of trying to break into various European and Asian markets, Miren and Nicolas decided they needed to buy more estates throughout Languedoc as well as the neighboring Roussillon region. Many distributors in other countries were impressed with their wines at the time, but they needed a wider range of styles, varietals and terroirs to have a chance of entering international markets. And that became the motivation for the Lorgerils to buy more vineyards in different regions, vineyards that were high-altitude sites in Languedoc-Roussillon that ranged between 400 and 1,200 feet above sea level. If they did everything they could to make the world stop and appreciate the brilliance and elegance of their region, they would pull out all the stops and choose the vineyards they thought represented the best of Languedoc and Roussillon. And then, in 2000, they released the first vintage of their wines labeled “Terroirs d’Altitude”, emphasizing their cooler climate sites which went against the large and robust wines on which Languedoc had built his reputation.

Now, with many parts of the world experiencing record-breaking heat waves like what happened to various parts of the western world over the past summer, the Lorgerils couldn’t be happier than the choices they’ve made. so long ago, when they had no knowledge of climate change, benefit them today and secure a strong future for their children.

Dynamic wine region

There are many European wine regions where locals resent foreigners buying estates and making wine. And although Nicolas de Lorgeril traces his family back to 1620 in Languedoc, he and his wife like that there is no overvaluation of their land because it allows young people from all over to buy vineyards in Languedoc for pursue their dreams, bringing with them a lot of creativity and dynamism that have contributed to bringing a large part of the vineyard to life in organic farming, and the Lorgerils became organic ten years ago. Miren de Lorgeril said it was a great contrast to their arrival in Languedoc, as it seemed impossible to get the world to take them seriously as a wine region. Yet today, Languedoc is becoming a place where many retail stores and restaurants around the world want to source French wines, as wine producers find an ideal balance of ripeness and freshness in high altitude sites, it is extremely easy to be organic there and the prices are very reasonable.

All those years ago, Nicolas de Lorgeril’s father believed that Languedoc could become a high-quality French wine region, even in the shadow of Bordeaux and Burgundy, and he wrote precise instructions for his wife to make high quality wine in case of her death. And in a way, this paper became the greatest treasure he could leave to his family because it gave hope for a better future – he was determined that his beloved region would not fall into oblivion, with many abandonment of vineyards for other crops.

But maybe he couldn’t imagine that his son and daughter-in-law would sell the family’s wines all over the world and that people from different places would settle in Languedoc because they saw the potential for to become Europe’s next exciting wine region. Or maybe, just maybe he could imagine all of this, and more to come, as he sat gazing at his magnificent estate of Château de Pennautier, knowing that even though the inhabitants lived hand to mouth, that just like his glorious palace, the best vineyards were waiting to be discovered by the world. And once they were, the world would be completely mesmerized by the beauty that came from home.

House Lorgeril Languedoc Rosé

2021 Maison Lorgeril, Ô de Rosé, Languedoc, France: 60% Grenache, 35% Syrah and 5% Viognier harvested from three different estates in Languedoc then vinified together. Nice notes of white cherry and wet stones with a hint of raspberry on the finish.

Wines from the “Terroirs d’Altitude” estate of Maison Lorgeril

2020 Marquis de Pennautier, Chardonnay, Cabardès, Languedoc, France: 100% Chardonnay from their historic Pennautier estate in the hilltop town of Carcassonne in Languedoc. In a north-facing site that ranges from 750 to 1,200 feet in elevation. Aromas of lemon curd with hints of minerality and smoothness on the mid-palate with spice and lively acidity. And this Chardonnay is one of their most popular wines, which might seem odd considering that the spiritual home of Chardonnay, Burgundy, is just north of them. But the balance of just enough fruit ripeness with lively acidity and minerality at a moderate price made this wine a big seller.

2019 Château de Caunettes, Cabardès, Languedoc, France: Red blend of 60% Syrah and 40% Grenache. Earth lifted with turmeric powder and cardamom pods balanced by juicy dark cherry fruits.

2019 Château de Ciffre, Saint-Chinian, Languedoc, France: Red blend of 50% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 10% Mourvèdre. Fresh blackberries with a touch of leather and bacon fat with finely etched tannins.

2019 Domaine de la Borie Blanche, Minervois la Liviniere, Languedoc, France: Red blend of 70% Syrah, 20% Mourvèdre and 10% Grenache. Red blend of Syrah (50% of which is grown on shale soils and 20% undergoes carbonic maceration) and the rest Mourvèdre and Grenache. Notes of black pepper on the nose with wild mushrooms and wildflowers in the background and a good weight on the palate with fresh blackberry and black cherry fruit ending in silky tannins.

Vision: Nystagmus could be a sign that alcohol-induced vision loss is about to strike Thu, 10 Nov 2022 10:39:00 +0000

Although age does not show mercy to your eyes, there are also other factors that can accelerate vision loss. Worryingly, what you put in your body could have harmful effects on your eyes. However, the worst culprit that can sabotage your eyesight is alcohol. An expert shares the main symptom of alcohol poisoning that can lead to vision loss.

While drinking a glass of wine or a pint once in a while won’t send your sight down the path of destiny, drinking one glass too many may not show you the same kindness.

Mr. Shafiq Rehman, consultant eye surgeon at Optegra Eye Hospital Yorkshire and Manchester said: ‘If we drink too much alcohol we can develop optic nerve degeneration.

“This means vision can be affected, sometimes severely and permanently.

“The mechanics are complex but can involve direct toxicity on this nerve and depletion of essential nutrients. Vitamin B is essential for good eye health, but can be depleted by poor diet and heavy alcohol consumption.

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According to the expert, one of the main symptoms indicating that your eyes may lose sight due to alcohol is nystagmus.

Nystagmus describes a rhythmic, repetitive, involuntary movement of your eyes, the NHS Explain.

The eyes can move side to side, but sometimes they also move up and down or in a circular motion.

The person with nystagmus has no control over their eye movements, meaning both eyes can move together or independently.


Mr Rehman said: “Research shows that the main symptoms of alcohol poisoning are abnormal eye movements and acute optic neuropathy – inflammation of the optic nerve – which can lead to loss of vision.”

“There is also evidence that excessive alcohol is linked to increased risks of cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, different types of optic neuropathy, impaired visual quality, retinal vascular and ocular surface disease.”

This multitude of eye problems that can be triggered by the popular drink is obviously not good news for your eye health.

Fortunately, the amount of alcohol you drink can mean the difference between a higher risk and vision loss.

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The expert said: ‘It’s definitely a risk for people with chronic alcoholism. However, even moderate alcohol consumption has been shown to significantly reduce binocular vision, so care should be taken, and this is one of the reasons drink-driving should be avoided at all costs.

“Always hydrate with plenty of water when drinking alcohol.”

The bad news is that once your eyes are affected, the damage is likely to be permanent.

Mr Rehman said: “Cases of alcohol optic neuropathy are most often permanent, although some improvement may occur within the first few months of diagnosis and with appropriate management.

“Optic nerve damage can [also] to be permanent.

The expert recommended how to keep your eyes protected and safe from this risk.

The obvious first step is to avoid too much alcohol, which is not only bad for your eyes but also for your overall health.

Mr Rehman said: ‘We recommend drinking alcohol in moderation.

“The best way to protect the eyes from any form of vision loss or vision deterioration is to attend your bi-annual eye exam at your local optician.

“Not only will they be able to test your short, medium and long sight and recommend glasses or treatment if needed, but they will also check the health of the eye and can often detect sight-threatening conditions before they even exist. have symptoms.”