Fredericksburg, Texas is home to some of the best wineries


When it comes to Texas wineries, these Fredericksburg wineries show the world what it really means to love wine.

Fredericksburg is less than two hours from tourist hot spots in Austin and San Antonio, and the city of Texas is ready to show visitors it’s worth a few days of exploring. Its Hill Country location means spectacular scenery, including the magnificent Pink Granite Mountain of Enchanted Rock State Park. The suburb also clings to its German heritage with a 19th-century church, a pioneer museum and the locally beloved Marktplatz.

Arguably, however, the best thing about Fredericksburg is the wine – and there is plenty of it. Casual wine drinkers and full-fledged oenophiles will appreciate a plethora of unique drinks to inspect, sniff, puff and swallow. Raise your glass, because these Fredericksburg wineries and wineries are worth grilling.

9 Fat Ass Ranch And Winery

No one said being a connoisseur had to be a business. The Fat Ass Ranch and Winery encourages its patrons not to take life too seriously. All kidding aside, they know what they’re doing when it comes to crushing fruit. Fat Ass offers a variety of perfectly aged fruit wines, with each label featuring the ranch’s beloved donkey, Frito.

A $ 10 tasting is always on the menu, with a sample of five of the winery’s award-winning drinks. On Saturdays, visitors can taste ten wines, take a tram ride through the vineyard to their sister winery, and have the chance to give Frito the pat on the head he deserves.

8 Pontotoc Vineyard Weingarten

The breathtaking layout of the vineyards in Pontotoc will make guests wonder if they are in Texas or Vienna. Each vintage-style wine begins with Texas Hill Country grapes, with additions like notes of blackberry, vanilla, melon, toasted oak and lingering cream under the perfect base. Renovated sandstone buildings with patios adorned with twinkling lights create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for sipping. The vineyard also has a theater to host film screenings, live music and other special events.

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7 Lost draft cellars

The Lost Draw team is dedicated to providing a range of quality wines rooted in the regional flavor found in the Texas wine country. The wineries serve several wineries in the area, showing that Lost Draw is less about being the star and more about providing the community with top-notch options throughout Fredericksburg. The tasting room is open to visitors looking for a sip of premium wines accompanied by small plates prepared by talented chefs.

6 Kalasi cellars

Winemaking is a labor of love at Kalasi Cellars, a local winery run by a husband and wife duo. Generations of family farmers in India have remained loyal to Nikhila Davis, who found her home in Texas and began to grow up. Businessman Greg quit his job to put his expertise to work for the company’s branding, and that was only from the start.

The magnificent tasting room sits on 16 acres of land in the Texas wine country, and visitors will enjoy the hilltop views while sipping on elaborate wines at the on-site production facility. An adorable pack of sheep works weeding to minimize the need for pesticides, kept safe by a protective llama named Dalai.

5 Cross the vineyards of the mountain

For a taste of good Italian wine in the southern United States, Cross Mountain Vineyards is bellissima! Friendly staff are ready to guide visitors through tastings of various wines in their comfortable downtown tasting room. The place of relaxation will welcome wine lovers again and again, ready to applaud with a standing ovation after accompanying their drinks with charcuterie boards and wood-fired pizzas.

4 Fredericksburg Vineyard

The Fredericksburg Winery is the oldest vineyard in the city, which means they know how to make wine that pleases. All wines are made on site by the Switzer family, who passionately believe that winemaking is a right. With such a range of premium wines, it would be easy to have a big head, but the friendly family are eager to help their customers find the flavor that suits them best, noting that it is not essential. to know everything about wine to be able to appreciate it. The Fredericksburg Winery also blends delicious wine-based jams, mustards, chocolates and salsas for the perfect pairing.

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3 Collective of wines from the Moulin de l’Ardoise

Guests of the Slate Mill Wine Collective will take the opportunity to see where all the magic happens. A beautiful patio is set up with a backdrop of vines where the grapes ripen in the sun before being harvested to produce seriously tasty wines. The tasting room presents the passionate creations of future wine pioneers. Customers who want to do some of the hard work on their own have the option of stomping while sipping. If a visitor is hungry after all the exercise, they can grab a bite to eat from Boudreaux’s Swamp Truck food truck located on-site.

2 Becker vineyards

Feel the magic of the Texas wine country as you descend the rows of vines with a drink in hand at Becker Vineyards. The architecture of the winery echoes the German heritage of Fredericksburg, designed to resemble a stone barn. The delights of nature continue with oaks with green leaves to the height of the thousands of barrels used for the aging of the wines. Visitors can choose from a variety of tasting experiences, all including samples of award-winning Becker Vineyards wines. Those who visit in May have the benefit of attending the Becker’s Lavender Festival, the scent of the fragrant blooming flower permeating the park for an aromatherapy experience in nature.

1 Bingham family vineyards

Wine is thicker than water at Bingham Family Vineyards, a multigenerational operation dedicated to providing customers with quality they can trust. Fredericksburg’s rustic location gives off true Texan vibes, without being overshadowed by authentic Texan hospitality. Visitors can enjoy a sample of five wines during a tasting or browse the boutique located in the charming tasting room to choose the bottles that best suit them. Although Bingham Family Vineyards has their own winemaking business, they share the love (and the grapes) with several other popular Fredericksburg wineries.

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