From a difficult year comes a British Columbia wine of remarkable quality

Kelowna, British Columbia, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wine Growers British Columbia (WGBC) has released the annual BC Wine Grape 2021 Vintage Reportwhich reveals another harvest of impressive quality achieved through expert vineyard management in a record year for wine regions in the province.

Overall, BC winemakers agree that despite the vagaries of Mother Nature, the 2021 vintage will be remembered for its low yields but intensely flavored fruit, resulting in wines of remarkable character. , with concentrated flavors and balanced acidity. The intricacies of such a one-of-a-kind growing season are best explored in detail in the full report, with data sourced from industry participants at WGBC’s annual Vintners’ and Grapevines’ Forum and Vintages Survey. .

BC Wine Grape 2021 Vintage Report Highlights

In the Okanagan Valley, an already hot and dry summer was punctuated by a heat dome that settled over the region from late June to early July. These conditions contributed to lower than expected yield from some varieties and vineyards, but also presented a silver lining of low disease pressure and interesting fruit quality.

While wildfires were a notable event in the Okanagan Valley and surrounding areas, the majority of BC grape growers observed that the higher and thinner smoke blanket had no impact negative on the grapes.

“The 2021 wines taste delicious. The whites have a certain tension, lots of flavor and concentration. Rosé wines are really fruity and have a nice backbone of natural acidity. The reds, while slower maturing for some varieties, feature lovely ripe tannins and lots of vibrant fruit,” says Severine Pinte, winemaker/viticulturist and managing partner of Le Vieux Pin and LaStella Winery. “Despite the challenges Mother Nature threw at us,” she says.

The Similkameen Valley experienced very similar conditions to the neighboring Okanagan Valley, including an early and compact harvest, further challenged by staffing shortages felt across multiple industries. It is a testament to the passion and dedication of BC grape growers that no negative impact on production has been reported.

In the face of weather and staffing hurdles, this observation by Charlie Baessler, Winemaker/Owner of Corcelettes Estate Winery, is echoed across BC’s wine country: “With declining quantities, we just wish we had more fruit! »

All regions of the interior of British Columbia were affected by the summer heat dome, recording above average growing degree days. The warm weather certainly had an impact on yields, with harvests down 30-40% in most varieties, but the wines held a nice balance. “Overall, the wines have a bit more phenolics due to the heat and the intense, ripe flavors, but they have retained the crisp, refreshing acidity…” says Wes Johnson, winemaker/owner of Baillie- Grohman Estate Winery in the Kootenays.

Coastal regions, which generally experience cooler and wetter conditions, are reporting “one of the warmest growing seasons on record,” says Bailey Williamson, winemaker at Blue Grouse Estate Winery in the Cowichan Valley, “a few degrees -additional growing days make a huge difference”. he said.

The temperatures required for BC Icewine production (-8°C) occurred in mid-December and wineries intending to vinify frozen fruit collectively brought in only 35 tons, the lowest yield never recorded. Although the 2021 Icewine could then be considered a rare commodity, yields from the late harvest reached around 101 tonnes.

The BC Wine Grape Report is available to BC wine lovers and industry professionals and is an essential tool for understanding and promoting the exceptional wines from the turbulent 2021 growing season. Read the full 2021 Vintage Report from BC Wine Grape here.

Quick Facts About British Columbia Wines
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