From a fantastic cricket app to a local brand making alcoholic drinks from fruit, and more

Wine = grapes. But Maharashtra-based Priyanka Save, founder and director of Hill Zill Wines, is on a mission to change that idea with her brand of fruit wine Fruzzanté.

Priyanka collaborated with famous fruit winemaker Dominic Rivard of Canada to produce the world’s first chikoo wine, which was launched in 2017 after years of perfecting the method. This unique drink was initially retailed exclusively in Mumbai.

The positive response prompted the Fruzzanté founders to create other sparkling alcohols by fermenting fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, star fruit and mangoes. The success of fruity wines led the founders to launch a brand of mead, Arkä.

Casa Decor is an amalgamation of culture and lifestyle, focused on the transformation of spaces and atmospheres and on the change of life.

Home sweet home has become a paradise in the midst of the pandemic, and more and more people are investing in improving the look and feel of their homes.

Interior design startup based in Noida Home Decor, known for its handcrafted but functional pieces, has found itself well positioned to respond to this changed market scenario.

Casa Décor offers sustainably crafted home decor items sourced directly from Indian artisans and available all over the world through its online presence.

In a country where cricket is akin to religion, the ability to choose your own team of cricket giants feels like divine. However, this is only possible through some fantastic cricket apps.

Yudiz Solutions, based in Ahmedabad, has developed 11Gates in 2013, which has since won the title of India’s fastest growing fantasy sports website.

Co-founded by Chirag Leuva, Pratik Patel and Bharat Patel, who are also its CEOs, and with Suraj Chokhani heading operations as director, 11Gates is a fantasy football and cricket game application, where you can create your own teams by selecting players from the compositions provided, as they would in a real match.

Third Space Collective

Adapting to change is the only constant in life, and no one follows this mantra better than creative thinkers.

‘Rat’, a Cinema zoom produced by a group based in Delhi Third Space Collective, is an excellent example. Planned as a theatrical performance of physical objects slated for May 2021, the production has been digitally reinvented in light of the second wave of COVID-19.

Playing through September 12, this virtual experimental show swings between recorded footage and live performances that take place in intimate breakout rooms on Zoom.

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of men and women around the world. A major cause of heart disease is silent systemic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with cardiovascular disease more than anything else.

Some of the root causes of heart disease and inflammation are a diet high in sugar, a diet low in fiber and healthy fats, a poor balance between omega 3 and omega 6, oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, high stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise and chronic liver congestion.

Read here to learn about some of the root causes before you consider what you could do to support a healthy heart.

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