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I’m grateful that my dad went through some scary healthy times, and grateful that my mom stayed healthy to continue caring for him.

In a year where friendships and family relationships have been strained due to a virus, I am grateful for those who remain.

One more

Phew! There is my gratitude, but there is one more: I am grateful that the 2021 harvest to date has been very good!

As I predicted in March, there would be smaller harvests, but the fruit from the vines would be of much better quality. All roads seem to be heading towards this. A few wineries to name that echo this sentiment are Wedding Oak, Fall Creek, Kerrville Hills, Ron Yates, Sandy Road, Farmhouse, and Texas Heritage.

Some wineries, like Spicewood, did not fare well after succumbing to freezing temperatures. But overall, Texas and beyond will produce a fantastic 2021 vintage.

As bud bursts came early and freezing temperatures followed, the weather was unpredictable all summer and bunches of grapes still appeared to be plentiful. But over time, the weather helped spur longer, leaner clusters.

The extended growing season due to the La Niña effect this year produced cooler temperatures, and a higher than normal average rainfall helped the grapes ripen slowly, preserving what was grown.


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