GWS panel predicts hottest wellness trends for 2021

/// A panel discussion on future wellness trends saw experts from the spa and wellness industry offer their take on what is in the works for the industry in 2021.

Moderated by Beth McGroarty, GWS Vice President of Research and Forecasting, the panel took place during GWS 2020, with Sandra Ballentine, Magazine W editor; Cecelia Girr, senior cultural strategist at Backslash and Elaine Glusac, The New York Times travel columnist.

Claire McCormack, Indie Beauty Media Group Content + Thought Leadership, also joined the conversation; Sarah Miller, the Wall Street newspaper luxury brand ambassador; and Jessica Smith, independent consultant in wellness and beauty trends

Spa company brought together the top five trends from the session.

Ballentine began by predicting that COVID-19 will boost immunity and improve major wellness trends in 2021.

This style of program has already accelerated in 2020 with a multitude of operators deploying or already planning immunity support and booster packages, including RAKxa, Clinique La Prairie, The Bürgenstock Resort and Lefay Resorts.

“There is going to be increased focus on building and supporting immunity and physical strength,” she said, “expect to see more personalized immune hacks – like genetic testing and biopiracy, which will provide clients with a plan of their health and identify the right treatments for them.

Ballentine also believes it will lead to an increased focus on gut health and the microbiome due to its relationship to our immunity and brain function.

In the latest GWI report, he defines mental wellness as its own industry and identifies brain-boosting nutraceuticals and herbal remedies as one of the four broad categories of the emerging industry.

The panel unanimously agreed that nature would continue to be a trend in 2021, following a global retreat to wilderness as people around the world sought an outlet as social interaction was restricted. .

For spas, this trend could translate into more creative outdoor wellness programs such as wild swimming, forest bathing or nature meditation, as well as outdoor treatments and the use of spa gardens.

Glusac said: “We know nature is very healing and people are looking to her for comfort during the pandemic as they cannot travel and socialize as usual.”

She added that the fact that people are also choosing to spend more time in nature and take a break from their digital devices is a bonus for well-being – perhaps another trend that spas could exploit by offering. digital detox packages and nature retreats.

Fight the taboo
Girr believes 2021 will see a “massive, seismic cultural taboo reversal,” meaning wellness will extend its boundaries to things like death, sex, money, and socialization.

“We are moving from wellness focusing on the look and feeling of well being, to this next wave where we lift the veil on some of the pain points and pressures in society,” she said. .

“Well-being will fundamentally change the way we approach the riskiest topics that we don’t, because they are so sacred and codified

“But with COVID-19 as a cultural accelerator, I think wellness is going to continue to shed light on how our approach to these things only contributes to the mental health crisis we find ourselves in. “

McCormack confirmed, saying that during the lockdown, the sexual wellness brand saw a huge increase in sales, with year-over-year sales tripling and even quadrupling.

She added that she believes women’s sexual health and well-being will boom in 2021, as companies realize that many women suffer in silence and feel abandoned by the medical system, especially in regarding menopause.

“Companies continue to research other ways to meet the health needs of women, making products such as pelvic floor trainers and supplements designed specifically for women.

“Even before COVID in 2019, almost US $ 500million (£ 375million, € 423million) was invested in femtech, so I think that’s going to be a big trend for 2021.”

Well-being at home
Ballentine pointed out that although personal care and beauty are already taking off in 2020, they will reach new heights in 2021 and that spas have the opportunity to take advantage of this.

“I think all kinds of wellness coaching will become more and more important – spa professionals and personal trainers have a real opportunity to improve the in-home experience for clients, with things like virtual classes. and digital content, to maintain engagement. “

McCormack said that home wellness, in particular, is gaining ground in 2020 and that many companies are taking notice and offering solutions for healthy living and healthy homes, such as air purification systems.

“We spend a lot more time in our homes, so companies are looking to help us optimize that space to make it another wellness retreat. “

Smith added that wellness architecture will experience a revival, not only in buildings, but also by examining how there could be more transparency on how the environment could impact our long-term health. .

She believes home technology will be part of this trend as well – with the intention of creating pandemic-proof properties, both commercially and as homes, using technologies such as the Carlo Ratti Cabinet Purifier which removes microorganisms, bacteria and viruses from clothing.

Spa Business’s sister magazine Well Home is already capitalizing on this trend, with a new issue slated for 2021. To find out more, visit Well Global Home.

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