Hopkinsville City Council plans to sell alcohol on Sundays

The Hopkinsville City Council will consider changing a 63-year-old ordinance to allow liquor sales on Sundays following action from the Committee of the Whole Thursday night.

Councilman Travis Martin said it’s time for the city to change its ordinance to allow liquor sales on Sundays.

click to download audioHe then introduced a motion to forward an amendment to the ordinance to the city council that would allow Sunday liquor sales within the city limits by both beverage and package stores, and to allow incumbent businesses of a liquor license to operate on Sundays as they do the other. six days of the week.

Councilor Chuck Crabtree said if they change this order it should be for all businesses.

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The Council also discussed Election Day and Christmas Day alcohol sales, which are currently prohibited by city ordinance, as well as changing the time at which alcohol can be sold at drinks in restaurants from 1:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Councilor Phillips Brooks pointed out it was a hot topic several years ago when they changed the ordinance to allow alcohol to drink on Sundays from 1pm. He added there could be issues with the time change and allowing alcohol sales over Christmas.

click to download audioHe added that it was more a question of morality than anything else.

Keel said he didn’t disagree with what Brooks said and understood that aspect, but different denominations celebrate on different days. He said they were hurting the local restaurant industry if they didn’t change the time to 11:00 a.m. and he didn’t want to legislate morality.

click to download audioCouncilwoman Patricia Waddell-Bell said she would vote against changing the ordinance at that meeting.

click to download audioCommittee chair Amy Craig said she doesn’t drink but appreciates having the freedom to choose.

click to download audioCouncilor Alethea West said she was for allowing Christmas Day sales but not for Election Day sales because it is their responsibility as lawmakers to protect that process.

click to download audioCouncilman Terry Parker added that he is quite the opposite and doesn’t really care about Election Day, but he does care about Christmas Day and he doesn’t know if that would be a deal breaker for him.

Councilor Martin then amended his original motion.

click to download audioPatricia Waddell-Bell was the only one not to vote. Councilman Tom Johnson was absent from the meeting.

In order to allow time for the ordinance to be modified, it will not be on the agenda of the municipal council until June.


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