How alcohol addiction almost ruined PewDiePie’s life


PewDiePie is one of the world’s most popular YouTubers, having amassed a fan of over 110 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The streamer is also famous for his fitness journey, but he recently opened up about the alcohol addiction he had to overcome on his fitness journey.

“I used to drink whiskey every day, and I realized I got addicted when I tried to cut it down, and how difficult it was.”

He revealed he was addicted to drinking whiskey in late 2017 and early 2018 to deal with all the stress and anxiety he faced during that time. However, he has since overcome his addiction.

PewDiePie opens up about his whiskey addiction in 2017

PewDiePie opened up about his alcohol addiction in a recent livestream, where he mentioned that he realized he was getting addicted to alcohol when he tried to quit. He explained that he was constantly anxious and stressed and that he used whiskey to deal with these feelings. However, he soon realized that alcohol also induced these feelings of stress and anxiety in him.

“Looking back, I realize that I was grappling with a lot of anxiety back then. Drinking to escape emotions is a recipe for disaster. It was during all of my controversies. was facing a lot of stress, probably the most I have ever experienced. “

PewDiePie was heavily addicted to alcohol in 2017 (Image via PewDiePie on Instagram)
PewDiePie was heavily addicted to alcohol in 2017 (Image via PewDiePie on Instagram)

Interestingly, this was also when PewDiePie was going through the most controversy in his ten-year career. He is known to be a personality who often makes jokes that many find offensive. Moreover, he also unleashed a racial slur during a live broadcast, which almost led to him being canceled on the internet.

Naturally, PewDiePie was going through a lot of stress during this time, which led to his alcohol addiction. However, the streamer realized he was getting addicted pretty early on and decided to act on it. He started his impressive fitness journey and instead changed his addiction to nicotine patches. Soon after, the streamer no longer needed the patches, although it took him two attempts to stop it.

PewDiePie sharing the story of her addiction could help many viewers identify the signs of their addiction and quit smoking, as the streamer himself said. His community supported his gesture and praised him for overcoming his alcohol addiction, which is not easy.

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