How Singaporeans Working In Hong Kong Will Spend Christmas


When was the last time you came back to Singapore?
February 2021, because I needed to accompany my mother and sister home, as their stay in Hong Kong could not be extended. They are not considered my dependents. They must come to Hong Kong as visitors.

When do you hope to come back next?
Hopefully summer 2022 if there is no quarantine. Otherwise – and most likely – in December 2022.

Where will you be spending Christmas?
At home with my mother and my sister. They managed to enter Hong Kong when the border opened in September for non-residents and had to undergo two weeks of hotel quarantine and a week of home self-monitoring.

What elements of Singapore will you have over the holiday season here?
Singapore represents family. It’s home, really. At Singapore International School (HK), our school community is also our family. At Christmas we traditionally had a family day that included a Christmas bazaar, concerts, open houses and a Christmas fair, bringing Christmas cheer to everyone and doing charity work. Due to the need for social distancing this year, we need to go to a virtual platform to ensure the well-being and safety of all. This season, an e-Family Day allows us to celebrate from a distance in complete safety while bringing the festive atmosphere.

How do you like working in education?
It is a blessing to be a part of the Singapore community and the Hong Kong school community. School is a common space where everyone can interact, learn and work in a safe and happy way. A microcosm of a greater Singapore.

What’s the best thing about the winter / Christmas season in Hong Kong that you don’t get in Singapore?
Wear thick winter clothes and enjoy the cold winter air while walking on the street.

What do you think of the three-week quarantine in Hong Kong?
While many of us don’t like the idea of ​​going through the midlife experience, it’s something we have to come to terms with. After all, it is the rule of the country, so in Rome, do like the Romans. Likewise, the measure has the good intention of protecting against a possible epidemic that the community might not be ready for, due to a lower vaccination rate, especially among the elderly. A personal sacrifice for the best of the community.

What’s the first thing you eat when you get back to Singapore?
I’m going to visit Hill Street for char kway teow.



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