How to Date Someone While Living a Sober Lifestyle in Charlotte, NC


Dating at the US National Whitewater Center.

It is always handcuff seasonand love is officially in the air.

For those who have chosen to cut back on their alcohol intake or quit drinking altogether for whatever reason, dating without drinking can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. After all, nine times out of 10, isn’t the first date suggestion to go out for a drink?

So how do you date new people and meet new people without America’s favorite social elixir?

Here are five tips for going out (and enjoying it) alcohol-free:

Decide what you feel comfortable saying on your dates about your drunkenness.

If you use dating apps to meet people, you can change your settings on many of them to share whether or not you drink and even filter people based on their substance use.

For example, on Bumblebee, you have the possibility to answer the question of your profile “do you drink?” with “socially”, “never”, “often” or “sober”. You also have the option of not including this information in your profile.

You can also let a potential date know before the date that you’re not drinking, or even tell them on the day of the date. When you tell them is ultimately your decision, but it’s important to determine in advance when the conversation will take place and what you will disclose so that you feel comfortable and establish a mutual understanding. right from the start with your appointment.

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Let your friends know you want to be set up.

Meeting someone through a friend is great because it’s essentially the equivalent of your dating an endorsement from someone you know and trust. Your friend also knows you and your interests, so they’re less likely to match you with someone you don’t like.

Tell your friends that you are available and want to meet someone they know will be comfortable with your relationship with alcohol.

Suggest dates based on activities rather than bars or breweries.

Rather than seeing not drinking as a limiting factor in your love life, see it as an opportunity to be more creative with your dating ideas.

Instead of going out for a cocktail, identify some of your common interests and suggest an activity where alcohol is not the focus, such as a walk on the greenway or ice skating at US National Whitewater Center. For more alcohol-free date ideas, check out this list on QC Nerve.

Go through the menu beforehand.

The list of restaurants in Charlotte that offer non-alcoholic beverages continues to grow. If you decide you’re comfortable having a drink, check the menu of the place you’re going in advance or suggest a restaurant that you know offers non-alcoholic beverages. cocktails. For recommendations, check out our list of 11 soft drinks to try in Charlotte.

Alchemy - ONYX-2.jpg
ONYX non-alcoholic cocktail from Alchemy. Kenty Chung

Remember that most people don’t care what’s in your drink.

Dating is about finding a partner who adds to your life and is supportive, rather than changing you to meet someone else’s expectations of you. If you’re concerned about whether your date will judge you for not drinking, you won’t be able to determine if this is the kind of person you want to date.

The good news is that I’ve learned from experience that most people don’t care if you drink or not, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. The right person for you won’t care what’s in your drink.

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Molly Ruggere is a freelance writer, certified life coach, and founder of the Counterculture Club, an alcohol-free social community that offers events, memberships, and coaching. In her spare time, Molly enjoys seeing live music, practicing yoga or boxing, and spending time with her teacup poodle, Ziggy. Find her on Instagram or Twitter @mollyruggere.

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