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November 29: Despite Delhi government’s strict excise laws not allowing labels registered in the capital for trade shows to display these wines and spirits, Vinexpo India is preparing to usher in a new era of such shows after a drought of several years, writes Subhash Arora who has organized a set of about a dozen Masterclasses relating to wines and spirits, some with famous chefs preparing dishes for the pairing

Already under pressure from the Covid pandemic which is hopefully in the end the excise law in Delhi does not allow the display and tasting of such alcoholic beverages at fairs like Vinexpo India organized for the first time in Pragati Maidan from December 9 to 11. 2021. The labels registered in Delhi are prohibited from display and tasting at such events. It is hoped that with international fairs like Vinexpo showing a keen interest in India and its future market, the excise department will take a pragmatic view and change the policy to be in tune with cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. It is imperative to taste the wines of each vintage to decide on their characteristics which change each year.

show must go on

As the saying goes, the “Show Must Go On”. At Vinexpo India there will be wines from more than 10 countries including Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United States. A multitude of exotic fruit wines will also be present to titillate your palate. Liquors including vodka, whiskey and Japanese elixir, sake will be available for tasting. Swiss liqueurs will delight your palate. If beer is your thing, Belgium will highlight it.

Backbone masterclasses

Masterclasses are a notable attraction at Vinexpo. “I remember having attended the Masterclass” Renaissance of Riesling “by Ernie loosen, at Vinexpo 2003. It struck me. Not only did my curiosity for German rieslings surge, which led me to visit several riesling-producing regions in Germany, including the Moselle, as did my respect for this iconic producer of the Moselle. I even managed to find him an importer in India. Today, Dr L Riesling adorns the wine lists of several 5 star hotels and many restaurants and is also popular in retail, ”says Subhash Arora, Advisor to the President of the Salon and Conference of Vinexpo India.

Exotic fruit wines

The Exotic Fruit Wines and Meads is a relatively new entry to the wine world. The cause was pushed by Himachal Pradesh Marketing Products for over 2 decades, but they haven’t been promoted much in Delhi. Hill Zill Vineyard in Bordi, near Mumbai not only produces Sapota (Chikoo) fruit wines, star fruit, pineapples, mangoes and strawberries, they have a range of honey (Mead) wines that have had latent demand for years. years. They produce exotic rose and jamun infused wines that are world class and would win them multiple medals in wine competitions. Founder To safeguard and CEO Deepak bhatnagar (retired senior vice president of sales at Sula Vineyards) will show you his journey so far and the future of the industry during a Masterclass with several varieties to taste.

It’s comforting to know that Rod Lameyse, CEO of Vinexposium, the parent company that owns Vinexpo, will visit the Show from France. He is a fervent promoter of Indian wines, which should see their export potential increase with the advent of this Show.

The premiumization of Indian wines has increased with wineries like KRSMA, Fratelli and Sula competing with each other to produce the top drop. Grover vineyards has quietly introduced technology and improved its processes and is ready with what it considers to be India’s best wine label. During the inaugural Masterclass session, well-known sommelier Magandeep Singh will unveil the range of 5 of these labels to the selected few guests who will have their first glimpse of the most expensive and ostensibly best wine labels from the Indian team.

Relevance of wine clubs

“When I founded the Delhi Wine Club in 2002, a member asked me why we shouldn’t merge it with an already existing club in Delhi. My response was then that Delhi needed to have 100 such clubs if we were to seriously promote wine culture, ”says Subhash Arora who is an avid wine club promoter and is happy to see these two clubs make further progress afterwards. two decades, each promoting culture in its own way.

For the first time, Vinexpo India will present the presidents of 5 different wine clubs across India to discuss their relevance for the promotion of wine and the challenges ahead. Those who wish to form new clubs or just enjoy a glass of wine with their food would find an extremely interesting Masterclass which could even motivate them to form their own clubs, through which they can further encourage wine culture, assuming they are beneficial. .

Strict Covid Protocols

The show will follow strictly Covid protocols. Only people with a double vaccination will be allowed in, so please keep your certificates ready to show and follow social distancing standards. As the reduction of the legal age to 21 has not yet been notified, only those over 25 (except hotel management students who will be admitted to these Masterclasses without tasting privilege) will be admitted to this B2B wine fair. for professionals and wine enthusiasts.

Pre-registration is highly recommended as the most popular fill up quickly. You must also register in advance for free entry to the Show. For the masterclass program, please Click here:

To register for the Masterclass, Click here

To register for the show Click here

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