Is Miranda an alcoholic in “And Just Like That …”? All signs

  • Fans notice that Miranda in And just like that … could show signs of alcoholism.
  • But what does it mean to be an alcoholic?
  • Additionally, Cynthia Nixon reveals her take on Miranda’s drinking habits in the new series.

    Warning: And just like that … spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what’s happening on the new HBO Max series!

    And just like that … Viewers know Miranda Hobbes’ story almost picks up where it left off in Sex and the city. She quit her job as a corporate lawyer to become an activist and enrolled at Columbia University to earn her Masters in Human Rights.

    But one of Miranda’s new habits has left some fans worried. In the first episodes of the series, it appears Miranda has a troubling relationship with alcohol. Her craving for glasses of Chablis seems normal, until she waits for a bar to open at 11:00 am just to have a drink before class.

    So, is Miranda an alcoholic? And what does it mean to be an alcoholic, anyway? Here’s what you need to know:

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    Yes, Miranda is showing signs of alcoholism.

    Some of Miranda’s behaviors meet the definition of a “high-level alcoholic” or someone who shows signs of an alcohol use disorder but experiences fewer external consequences from their alcohol use. , according to American Substance Abuse Centers.

    Being a high-level alcoholic is actually quite common. Some studies estimate that between 50% and 75% of people with alcohol use disorders can perform at a high level in other areas of their life, including at work or during social engagements. They may also have a functional tolerance to alcohol, which means they can drink large amounts without appearing intoxicated to others, according to the American Centers for Substance Abuse.

    On the show, Miranda shows some symptoms of high-level alcoholism. Many high-profile alcoholics hide alcohol, like when Miranda slips a bottle of wine into Charlotte’s daughter’s piano recital while smuggling it in her purse. She also drinks often to deal with stress, whether it’s at Big’s funeral or having a glass of wine before her first day at Columbia.

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    Miranda also has strong alcohol cravings – she even convinces the bartender at Big’s funeral that she’s a family member so she can have a bourbon before the service begins. And, despite all of these issues, she still seems very organized, and none of her friends suspect that she might have a problem with alcohol.

    Miranda’s drinking problem may have started during the pandemic.

    Many characters from And just like that … share how they survived lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is likely that they also enjoyed a few drinks, like most of the population. But while many people in the United States reported consuming excess alcohol during the pandemic, women drank even more than men, according to a study from the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

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    And, Miranda is just one of many older women with drinking problems. New research shows that people aged 50 and over consume more alcohol than younger age groups, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

    It is possible that Miranda’s alcohol abuse began during the pandemic and is only continuing her work and social life now. Either way, it’s clear that his craving for Chablis is actually more of a habit.

    And, Cynthia Nixon brought up Miranda’s drinking problem.

    Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, shared her thoughts on the character’s alcohol addiction days after the show’s first episodes ended. “You kind of notice it, then you maybe forget about it, and then it happens again,” she said. She United Kingdom.

    “I think it’s wonderfully subtle. Most people, of all ages, need to drink too much, not note that they drink too much, ”added Cynthia.

    And just like that … releases new episodes every Thursday at midnight on HBO Max.

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