Italy is the first country to obtain a sustainability certificate

“Italy will soon be the first country to obtain a certification system for the sustainability of the wine production chain. With the approval of the decree of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies with institute the CoSVi (the wine sustainability committee) officially begins the journey traced by the standard introduced by myself in the revival decree, which brings together the work carried out in recent years by the whole of the wine industry ”, specifies the deputy. Philippe Gallinella, president of the agricultural commission of the Italian Parliament and first signatory of the amendment which establishes the unitary certification system for the sustainability of the production of the wine chain, which uses the procedures of the Sqnpi (national quality system of integrated production).

“Thanks to a distinctive logo, Italian wines will be able to certify and communicate the fact that they are produced according to specific production rules that give importance and attention to the environmental impact. An added value for the whole of the national wine production, leader in the world, and an important factor for the consumers and the market, more and more attentive to the subjects related to the environment. In accordance with the new CAP (agricultural policy community) and major community strategies (such as ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Farm to Fork’), we are orienting the work of farmer businesses towards new and high quality standards that predict the combination of environmental, economic and social sustainability by putting in the first place, obviously, the quality of the products “.

“We intend to achieve these results soon in other areas as well, from breeding to aisle. However, we cannot express satisfaction with the constitution of the CoSVi which will lead us to the approval of a disciplinary production containing the good practices to be followed in the fields and cellars to guarantee respect for the environment, quality and safety. food safety, the protection of employees and citizens and an adequate agricultural network to which the monitoring system and the individuation of the indicators necessary for the evaluation of the sustainability of the wine production chain will be added ”, concludes Gallinella.

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