Keys to save money if you live in a city of the most expensive

The standard of living in each place is different. In Spain we have cities where living is much more expensive than in others. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastián and Bilbao always appear at the top of the ranking of cities with a more expensive lifestyle.

But do not spread panic; Even if you live in one of those cities, there is always room to save. We recommend you try these tips and you will end this month with more money in your pocket.

Goodbye to ant expenses

Goodbye to ant expenses

They are those small expenses that you make every day and of which you are almost not aware . The clearest example is that of coffee.

If you drink coffee outside the house every day and it costs you € 1.20, if you eliminate that expense at the end of the month you will have saved € 24, which at the end of the year represents € 288 more than you can allocate to other things.

Car? Better not!

Car? Better not!

One of the great advantages of living in a city is that public transport usually works quite well.

If you leave your car parked at home, you not only save gas , but also avoid having to pay for parking, reduce vehicle maintenance costs and live free of the risk of being fined.

The average price of the transport ticket in a city is around € 45, which is much cheaper than the monthly cost of traveling by car.

Bet on free entertainment

Bet on free entertainment

Living in a city and having little money does not mean getting bored; We can advise you many free leisure alternatives.

You can visit museums on free opening days , do outdoor sports in a park, go to book presentations, attend free workshops with children in a mall …

Return to cash

Paying with a card or mobile phone is very convenient, but it has the great risk of not allowing you to easily control what you spend.

If instead of throwing a card you use cash you will be much more aware of what you are spending and that will help you contain yourself and not acquire things that you really do not need.

Control your expenses

Control your expenses

This way of saving will help you whether you live in a large city with high prices or if you live in an area with a more affordable standard of living.

With a simple spreadsheet you can do your accounting. This will help you to know what you are really spending and discover things in which money escapes you.

We assure you that once you have your controlled expenses you can take a better planning of what you have, what you owe and what you want to save.

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