Lipton will launch “hard” iced teas with alcohol next year

As the soft drink giants dip their toes in the booze waters, it has been announced that PepsiCo-owned Lipton will launch a line of alcoholic malt drinks called Lipton Hard Iced Tea next year.

Yes, a refreshing summer favorite and the drink of choice for mildly sunburned British holidaymakers is the latest soft drink product to get a makeover with alcohol.

Lipton Hard Iced Tea malt drinks will be offered in a range of four flavors: lemon, half and half, peach and strawberry. The 5% ABV line of expressions will arrive at select retailers in the first half of next year.

The launch of Lipton Hard Iced Tea is a joint production effort between PepsiCo’s Blue Cloud Distribution and FIFCO USA, which produces Seagram’s Escapes flavored malt beverages.

“Connecting America’s favorite tea brand with Fifco’s expertise in this hot and growing segment allows us to leverage 130 years of brand history that consumers already know and love,” said CEO Piotr Jurjewicz. “Our FIFCO USA product development team has remained true to Lipton’s high quality and great taste. And based on our consumer research, we expect a strong brand launch and great consumer response.

Blue Cloud Distribution is well prepared for its foray into the alcoholic beverage sector. The PepsiCo subsidiary is already working with the Boston Beer Company to distribute another brand of PepsiCo soft drinks that got a makeover: Hard Mtn Dew.

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