New awards program coincides with first-ever digital issue celebrating the best in the bar industry

NEW YORK, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dotdash Meredith’s unveils its inaugural 2022 Liquor Awards, which recognize key players in the bartending industry – both established and up-and-coming professionals and venues – who are advancing the world of bartending. cocktails, spirits and hospitality. The awards and the brand’s first-ever digital issue celebrate bars, organizations and individuals who demonstrate creativity and integrity and strive to holistically improve the beverage industry, making it more inclusive, more sustainable and better for its members. and the community as a whole. The digital issue of, with a full list of winners and runners-up, is available here.

Alexis DoctoleroVice President of, said, “ has always strived to create a platform that showcases the incredible people who power the beverage industry and the meaningful work they do. Liquor awards are a natural extension of this mission. We believe these winners and finalists represent the people and places that exemplify the best of the American beverage industry today, and we are honored to celebrate them.”

In honor of the first installment of these annual awards, the digital issue features extensive coverage of the winners and finalists. The Liquor Awards aim to bridge the gap between industry experts and consumer-facing franchises to celebrate people and places in a way that all beverage enthusiasts will recognize and appreciate while tapping into the wealth of knowledge from the Liquor staff and its wide and varied contacts in the industry. The awards are presented in two sections in 14 categories, including Bar Excellence, Holistic Hospitality, Bartender of the Year, and 2022 Liquor Awards Liquor Legendwhich will pay homage to Dale DeGroff, who is largely credited with creating modern bartending in its current form.



  • Best bar-restaurant: Café La Trova, Miami, Florida
  • Best Hotel Bar: Hey Love, Portland, OR
  • Best neighborhood bar: Ba’sik, Brooklyn, New York
  • Best craft cocktail bar: Pacific Cocktail Haven, San Francisco, California
  • Best New Bar: Happy Accidents, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Best classic bar: Clover Club, Brooklyn, New York
  • Best selection of spirits: Canon, Seattle, WA


  • Hospitality expertise: Kitten Katana
  • Priority to the Planet: Trash Collective
  • Community builders: Brown & Balanced
  • Create an inclusive space: Chris Cabrera
  • health and wellbeing: Pour healthily

BARTENDER OF THE YEAR: Masahiro Urushido, Kitten Katana, New York City


How the winners were selected: The team used a panel of 50 hospitality industry luminaries to ensure the nominees were a diverse group of bars, restaurants, organizations and individuals. The team also partnered with the charity Another Round, Another Rally for their ideas and suggestions and worked collaboratively with them to assemble the judging panel. Each panelist could nominate up to five bars, organizations or individuals per category. Based on the nominations, the team selected the top five finalists in each category. The jury then voted to determine the winners from among the finalists. For more information on the selection and verification process, please visit here. will celebrate the winners and runners-up on Tuesday, September 27, 2022in New York City at from manhattan Crown Shy, SAGA and Overstory for an evening of drinks and festivities as we celebrate the best in our industry.

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