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Mangaluru: A faculty member of NITK Surathkal received a patent for the production of a wine made from cashew apple and raisins. The invention of Prasanna Belur D, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, is titled “A process for producing an alcoholic beverage from cashew apple and raisins and the alcoholic beverage thus produced”.
NITK filed the patent in 2012 and received it on May 4, 2022. Belur said several attempts have been made in Brazil, India, Nigeria and other countries to find uses for the cashew apple. However, most of the attempts failed to meet the demands of the consumer and therefore failed to start in the market.
Blur said one of the reasons for the failure was the strong astringency of the fruit due to the presence of several acids. During storage, the cashew apple turns brown. Previous attempts have shown that the wine acquires a sweaty smell over time and loses its fruity flavor during storage. Additionally, the beautiful translucent color seen in wines made from grapes has proven difficult to achieve with cashew apple. These obstacles meant that a manufacturer would not be able to sell a product of consistent quality and properties. Thus, the cashew apple continued to be agricultural waste. The technology used by Belur removes all of these unattractive qualities from the extract. The wine, which contains raisins, is translucent red, sweet, fruity and with a characteristic aroma of cashew apple. It also has desirable acidity. The characteristic astringency of the cashew apple is absent.
The alcohol content can be between 7.5 and 15% v/v. Said Belur, made in a two-step process, contains no additives. If the technology is commercialized, it could be a new addition to the world of alcoholic beverages and generate additional revenue for the cashew producer.

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