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The wine world has felt a philanthropic this month, and for a collective of winegrowers and winemakers in Napa, those open portfolios have led to a new world record.

In New Orleans, at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s annual auction and gala, a bottle of Coombsville wine recently sold for $ 1 million, with the proceeds going to the foundation.

“It’s surreal to know that a bottle of our wine sold for $ 1 million,” said The Setting Wines co-founder Noah McMahon. “And we are delighted that the money is being used to help children across the country.”

A collaboration between McMahon, co-founder Jeff Cova and acclaimed winemaker Jesse Katz, The Setting Wines previously broke the record for the most expensive bottle of wine sold at auction in 2017, but that figure of $ 350,000 isn’t nothing compared to that last million dollars. to sell.

Designed specifically as a philanthropic endeavor, the record-breaking wine is a six-liter bottle of The Setting’s 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Glass Slipper Vineyard. The buyers, led by Don Steiner and a group of generous philanthropists, were inspired by the work of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and decided to make the big donation and get their hands on this special wine.

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The first to come out of the Glass Slipper vineyard, only 75 cases were made of this 100% Cabernet which typically sells for $ 185 a bottle.

“Certainly the wine is exquisite and this is the first and only six-liter Glass Slipper wine produced, but the main motivation for the offer was a tribute to the work of Chef Emeril Lagasse, his wife Alden and the President. of the Brian Kish Foundation. “said Paul Frank, who owns Glass Slipper Vineyard with his wife Suzie.” Noah McMahon, Suzie and I have been involved in the management of the Lagasse Foundation for a long time, and we are all personally touched and grateful for this impressive donation. “

Humility aside, winemaker Jesse Katz has said this Glass Slipper vineyard is one of the most beautiful he has seen, and he raves about the cool climate and natural acidity of the site.

“It is true that in the world of wine, certain specific vineyards stand out for the production of wine grapes of extraordinary quality, [and] we can speculate on the specific attributes of these vineyards, but many of the reasons are as mysterious as nature itself, ”Frank said.

“There may be a discussion as to whether it is the composition of the soil, the chemistry of the soil and water or the microclimate that plays the key role, but our conclusion is that it is the unique combination and the balance of all these elements that differentiate good vineyards from great ones, ”he said. “This is why the long research of our vineyard has included an investigation into the history of the fruits of the vineyard and the attributes of the resulting wines.”

The Franks acquired the Glass Slipper Vineyard in 2016, which already used to sell fruit to a variety of elite wine brands. Some infrastructure improvements were made, including a new well and irrigation system, which improved vine health and foliage conditions, but Frank says the vineyard was in fairly good condition when they were have taken over.

But in addition to the existing soil and terroir, Katz says the other main reason he chose the Glass Slipper Vineyard for The Setting Wines was the Franks’ commitment to their work.

“[They] cultivate this site with such precision and passion, ”Katz said. “There is nothing they do not do to improve their practices and guarantee the best quality of fruit for the vintage. “

And while this sale is unlikely to dramatically increase the price of Glass Slipper Fruit or drastically change the lives of Franks, it’s gratifying to see the fruits of your labor literally come to fruition.

“We never stop learning and discovering new ways to improve wine grape production, so we continue to design our protocols without compromise,” Frank said. “I sometimes suppose that half of our effort and expense in the vineyard may be wasted, but the problem is, we never know which half, so we just go on with our never-ending quest. “

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