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In exciting news for local wineries, registration for the 22nd National Cool Climate Wine Show is now open. Wineries located in areas considered to be “cool climates” will have until October 29 to register their products at the Bathurst Show. Felicity Baines, board member for the National Cool Climate Wine Show, said she was happy the show continued after all the events of the past few years. “Before they had COVID, they had drought, before the drought they had bushfires, then they had floods,” she said. “They had a few years where they were still making wine but they weren’t able to compare their wines. That’s why we thought it was so important this year to make sure the show continues. ” The wine fair allows participating wineries to compare their vintage to others in the market with the best wines receiving a gold, silver or bronze award.This year there will be a new Chief Judge, Russell Cody, who has attended a trade show for a number of years as chairman of the jury. Traditionally, the show has two parts, the judgment and the public tasting. This year, the committee made the decision not to hold the public tasting due to the uncertainty of COVID regulations. The judgment will take place from December 7 to 10. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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