NFT Wine Club Bridges the Gap for Women, Wine and NFTs

NAPA, California – March 21, 2022 – (

The United States is one of the largest consumers of wine in the world, with the main percentage of wine buyers still being women. While milder tastes and sweeter drink options have surrounded wine’s stigma as a “woman’s drink,” the age-old love affair is poised to see major benefits with the rise of the digital industry.

The world’s first NFT Wine Club is about to unite two communities for a new world of innovation. While enduring gender disparities in the tech world still have a long way to go, Napa, California will be the first hub to connect the art of NFTs, crypto and wine, where women are invited to join a new inclusive economy. As NFTs continue to take over technology, the NFT Wine Club is expanding the concept to cultivate a community where luxury, the metaverse, blockchains and collectibles meet real life.

The natural association of wine, women, and NFTs has the power to demolish the proprietary narrative that has surrounded blockchain markets. The launch of the NFT Wine Club will present a unique path to increasing the number of women participating in the industry, which now represents only 16% of the overall market. As NFTs revolutionize technology, founder Brett Hudson believes the NFT Wine Club will pioneer a new standard for tomorrow’s wineries and ultimately the lives of their patrons. By maintaining an NFT that is connected to something as precious and luxurious as wine, NFT Wine Club members are able to transform technology like never before.

Starting April 18, 2022, members will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the full experience of a Napa Vineyard owned and operated by real wine and NFT experts. In an effort to ensure diversity in the NFT world, the NFT Wine Club will also reserve some of their NFTs to be struck only by women. Wine has continued to prove itself as a leading resilient asset and, as a member of the NFT Wine Club, women should be able to participate seamlessly in the ongoing movement.

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NFT Wine Club Bridges the Gap for Women, Wine and NFTs

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