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Il Borro Tuscan Bistro expands for the first time in a resort area.

The Ferragamo family’s dining concept had a soft opening earlier in July at the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel on the island of Crete.

Ferruccio Ferragamo’s aim is for the new outpost to reflect the style and philosophy of the 11th century Il Borro village estate in the Arezzo region of Tuscany, which has been owned by the entrepreneur since 1993 and is today managed today with his children, Salvatore and Vittoria.

“Our partners must share the values ​​of Il Borro, and once that requirement is met, location is the next step,” says Ferruccio Ferragamo, who serves as president.

The venue is indeed beautiful, overlooking the sea, but several miles from Tuscany, Ferragamo stressed that guests “should feel the same atmosphere as the original Borro – that’s key”.

Tuscan Bistro Il Borro at the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel.

image courtesy of Il Borro

The design reflects elements of the Tuscan tradition through wooden panels, wrought iron and marble details. There is a lounge area with a bar, for a light lunch or an aperitif.

The restaurant’s Tuscan menu features fresh, seasonal ingredients in the Italian tradition under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Andrea Campani, who has worked to maintain Il Borro’s sustainability standards, using exclusively organic raw materials produced in the Tuscan village. Campani is responsible for all Il Borro restaurants.

Il Borro wines, produced using traditional methods, have all been certified organic since 2015, under the direction of Salvatore Ferragamo, Ferruccio’s son, who shares his name with his grandfather, the founder of the Italian fashion company luxury.

The Ferragamos expanded winemaking from an original small vineyard to cover 222 acres and produced wines tied to the territory, from the drier Sangiovese higher up in the hills to Cabernet and Syrah in land near the Arno River, and merlot at the bottom of the valley, where the soil is clayey.

Il Borro produces 150,000 bottles of wine per year. The first harvest dates back to 1999 and the first 6,700 bottles of Il Borro Toscana were presented at the Vinitaly wine fair in 2001.

“From farm to table, the continuous search for sustainability and respect for the territory are the foundations of our organic wines and products,” says Ferruccio Ferragamo, citing organic honey, seasonal vegetables and olive oil. extra virgin. “Honey always reminds me of my mother [the late Wanda Ferragamo] who loved her, as she loved the bees,” he thinks tenderly.

Chianina pigs are raised in Tuscany and sheep’s milk is used to produce ricotta and pecorino cheese. Il Borro also began growing spelled and ancient wheat, producing very light flour, pasta and crackers.

Il Borro

Tuscan Bistro Il Borro at the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel.

courtesy of Il Borro

In tune with his father, Salvatore Ferragamo, general manager of Il Borro, does not seek expansion as an end in itself and boasts of the “authenticity of the place”, where everything is “controlled to use the same ingredients, following the same procedures and offering the same service as in Tuscany.”

The Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel was also chosen because it is “not a huge standard multinational structure”, but it is based on “extensive experience in the hotel industry”.

The “magnificent view of the sea and the unique location” obviously contribute to the attraction of the place, he adds.

With Bistro units also in Florence, Dubai and London, Ferruccio Ferragamo is not ruling out other locations around the world. “If I had a magic wand, maybe I’d like to open one in America,” he offers, noting that many of Il Borro’s guests come from the United States. “We have a lot of requests, but we have to be careful and take measured steps to do things that add up but don’t bloat this project.

In addition to being “good business”, the Bistros allow Ferragamos to display and sell products made in Tuscany.

Il Borro in Tuscany, which is part of the Relais & Châteaux association, also offers suites and villas for rent. When asked if he would also consider expanding the hosting business outside of Italy, Ferruccio Ferragamo said that “it would be a big step forward. It’s a different company and the service must be top notch.

As he hesitates to give a definitive answer, he leaves the door open, saying it might happen a little later. However, he warns, “It’s not enough to have a nice place, you have to have good service and the right people.”

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