Princess and Bear Wines brings small-batch French wines exclusively to Seattle

You could say that Cheryl Baily and Steve Medwell are very active when it comes to their business, Princess and bear wines.

They recently opened a tasting room in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood, but the real work began years ago when they retired part-time to a small town in France.

“We started drinking this absolutely awesome wine at a really reasonable price, and we thought, ‘There’s nothing like it available,'” Medwell said.

Today, the two are enthusiastic about their vino. They import over 100 different small batches of wine from small producers in an unspoilt region of southern France, and you can only get this wine in Seattle.

“A lot of our wines come from one vineyard, all the wine comes from one vineyard,” Baily said. “Our wines have a lot of personality because they come from unique vineyards.”

And many wines are produced only by women from small villages. It’s an opportunity that hardworking women never saw coming – until Baily and Medwell showed up. These two jokingly say they can tell if a woman produced the wine.

“The way they make wine […] women just tend to extract red wines in a smoother way, and they just have a beautiful and kind of luscious femininity about them,” Baily said.

The women harvest the grapes by hand and also participate in the marketing department. Baily and Medwell aren’t just buyers – they’re also believers, even helping female winemakers in the field.

“When we see the wines here in our tasting room, we tell people, ‘This wine is made by a winemaker,'” Baily said. “We literally pinch ourselves to know these people and have walked through their vineyards.”

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