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When it comes to luxury wines, DAOU Vineyards is in a class of its own.

This award-winning California wine label helps the Paso Robles region give Napa its bang for its buck. What many don’t know, however, is that DAOU’s high quality isn’t just down to luck or good marketing – it’s actually carefully produced through fairly precise processes that require experience. to be mastered.

“We are the fastest growing winery in the luxury sector,” said Georges Daou, co-owner of DAOU recently. Aspen time. “We never entered this space with the idea of ​​ambition. We just wanted to make great wines for our consumers. But I believe that today we are a real unicorn in this space.

Family-owned and operated with his brother Daniel Daou since 2007, DAOU Family Estates is committed to producing world-class collectible wines to rival the world’s most respected appellations. The combination of remarkable geology, microclimate, an elevation of 2,200 feet and steep slopes on the DAOU mountain give it a terroir described as “a jewel of ecological elements”.

The high quality of DAOU’s vintages has increasingly brought it to the wine lists of top restaurants across the country, including high-end steakhouses such as Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s. DAOU is a major sponsor of the Dan’s Taste Summer Series presented by Yieldstreet, which culminates in August with the annual Dan’s Grill Hampton on August 5 and the first Dan’s Bubbles on August 6.

DAOU Vineyards believes that luxury wines should be accessible to everyone. Its winemakers strive to produce wines of the highest quality. The vineyard uses only the best grapes in its wines. The vineyard’s team of expert winemakers hand craft each batch of wine with care, ensuring each bottle is perfect, offering a wide variety of red and white wines, as well as rosé.

To meet growing demand, DAOU Family Estates last year added four wine industry stars to lead the charge of PATRIMONY Estate, a cult breakout Cabernet Sauvignon. Longtime veterans of Opus One and other iconic wineries lead global sales and marketing for PATRIMONY Estate, among other responsibilities.

PATRIMONY is a California “premier cru” Cabernet Sauvignon and the masterpiece of winemaker Daniel Daou as the Daou brothers set out to establish the Adelida District as the next global benchmark for world-class Cabernet Sauvignon. The inaugural 2013 vintage obtained 98 points of wine advocateand each successive vintage received similar critical praise.

“PATRIMONY offers wines with incredibly high phenolic levels rarely achieved elsewhere in the world,” said Daniel Daou.

So the next time you’re looking for a special bottle of wine, be sure to try DAOU Vineyards.

For more information, visit daouvineyards.com

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