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The owners of Ax Slayers Throw House are launching a new form of recreation in Redlands and hope they hit the nail on the head.

The Redlands Planning Commission on Tuesday October 26 approved a permit for the ax throwing installation and its application for the sale of beer. The vote was 6-0 and Commissioner Karah Shaw was absent.

Owners Brittany Pritchard and Brian Nimmo explained sports and safety precautions to the commission.

Pritchard compared it to darts and bowling.

A woman nearly threw a target at Long Beach in 2019. On October 26, 2021, the Redlands Planning Commission accepted a proposal to establish an ax throwing facility in Redlands. The applicant is Ax Slayers Throw House. (File photo by Scott Varley, Daily Breeze / SCNG)

Customers throw axes at large wooden targets in 12-foot-long lanes protected by a 10-foot-high fence.

“Our mission: safety (is) number one,” Pritchard said at the meeting. “I’m a nurse, I want everyone to be safe.”

The sport is pretty new, she says, but it’s growing.

Other facilities for the sport can be found at Big Bear Lake, Upland and Temecula, but this will be a first for Redlands.

Commissioners admitted to being wary of combining sport with alcohol consumption.

Staff will be trained on how to serve appropriately, verify IDs and not over-serve, Pritchard said.

Commissioner Joe Richardson said he was happy to hear such a comprehensive presentation that included training information, but “my first thought while reading this the other day was’ OK, beer and axes, this is gonna be really. interesting.’ “

Commissioner Steven Frasher echoed this opinion.

“My initial thought was’ throw beer and ax, what could go wrong? “” said Frasher.

Pritchard said they plan to sell lighter beer, 6% alcohol by volume or less.

“We don’t want to throw a big drunken party, we just want everyone to have a good time,” she said.

Although the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issues the licenses, the commission had to intervene because the state only allows a limited number of licenses based on population.

In the northwest corner of the city, the state allows five licenses for the sale of beer to be consumed on the spot, but eight times as many licenses have already been issued, the majority of which have gone to restaurants, breweries and hotels, according to a written report to the commission. The local governing body is empowered to determine that the public would be served by the issuance of the requested license.

“Currently there is an over-concentration of licenses due to the commercial nature and the total population in the (area),” town planner Jocelyn Torres told the panel, “therefore ABC demands the finding of convenience and the public need by the Planning Commission prior to licensing.

Commissioner Mario Saucedo asked about the history of accidents at similar facilities.

Pritchard and Nimmo said the number of incidents is quite low.

Safety precautions for the Redlands business include marked safety zones and wood chips on the ground to slow axes that could bounce. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory and instructions will be provided to all guests. Low blows will be prohibited.

“There would be someone cut, someone injured, are you ready to provide first aid?” Saucedo asked.

Pritchard, a nurse, said when she was not at the company her father, a retired firefighter, would be there to provide first aid.

The facility is intended to be family friendly and will be located in a business park at 370 Alabama Street. Plans call for 14 throwing tracks built in accordance with World Ax Throwing League regulations.

Pritchard said in a Facebook post on Wednesday October 27 that the location could open in a few weeks.

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