Retail Beverage Industry Summit. The benchmark for the Australian liquor retail industry.

To continue to be successful in business, we need the latest information, trends, and insights to help us make business decisions. The annual Retail Beverage Industry Summit brings together business experts and industry leaders to share their knowledge and expertise to reveal key insights and strategies so that together we continue to succeed in alcohol retail and help grow the business and profits in a responsible and sustainable way.

This year’s summit will be held in Sydney on Wednesday 30 November, in conjunction with the Retail Drinks Annual General Meeting and the 2022 Retail Drinks Industry Awards. The Summit is Retail Drinks’ flagship annual event.

This is the first time the event will be held in person since 2019, so we’re beyond thrilled, and so are our members. Although last year’s summit and awards were held live and online due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the events drew over 1,000 attendees from across the country and proved to be very successful despite the format change, with 96% of survey respondents saying they would attend. the event in the future, and 90% said the event met or exceeded expectations.

Whether you are an independent, chain or online only alcohol retailer, retail banner group, wholesaler, beverage producer, supplier or service provider to the alcohol retail industry, this is an event you really should make the time to attend.

The summit will offer another 6-hour powerhouse program with over 20 speakers and over 10 presentations and panel discussions on relevant and current topics including regulation, liability and sustainability; industrial relations reform; well being at work; talent attraction and retention; market, category, buyer and consumer information; sale and delivery of alcohol online; the evolution of the online shopper; and omnichannel retail.

As our industry, society and economy continue to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a true highlight of today’s agenda will be a thought-provoking keynote presentation by the futurist, media commentator and author world famous Rocky Scopelliti: “How can we increase our ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world?

Rocky’s keynote will explore the collision of eight megatrends that will collectively define Australia politically, economically, ecologically, regionally, socially, reliably, informed, scientifically and technologically over the next decade, and share insights that will enable you to turn change into opportunity, ideas into innovation and customers into advocates.

For more information or to register for the 2022 Retail Beverage Industry Summit, visit – we look forward to seeing you in Sydney at the end of November!

Michael Waters is the Managing Director of Retail Drinks Australia & Drinks Trade is a sponsor of the Retail Drinks Industry Summit & Awards.

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